Siberian Husky: character, origins, appearance and price

Siberian Husky: character, origins, appearance and price

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Siberian Husky, is the most used breed in the world for sleigh races, but it is also very popular as a companion dog due to its cheerful and docile character. It is an aesthetically admirable dog, the Siberian Husky, of medium size and of distant Siberian origin.

Bred in the USA, today the Siberian Husky it is widespread all over the world, even in Italy where it is very successful. Not with sleds, but in the living rooms of many sympathizers.

Siberian Husky: origins

The Siberian Husky that we all know today, which is so familiar to us, is the one selected in the United States of America but it all started with dogs originally from Siberia. In those lands it had been raised for centuries by the people of Chukci for towing sleds.

At the beginning of the 1900s some examples of Siberian Husky were imported to Alaska by a fur merchant, William Goosak, and the first real selective breeding was then created in the USA thanks to Eva "Short" Seeley, "mother" also of "Alaskan Malamute ".

In the following years the Siberian Husky has been very successful in profitable races with the sledge dogs but to make him famous there is an episode in January 1925, when a diphtheria epidemic broke out in Nome, Alaska. Only thanks to a relay of sleds, pulled by many Siberian Husky, it was possible to arrive in time, and against bad weather, to have the anti-diphtheria serum.

In 1930 the Siberian Husky it was recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club and in April 1932 the first standard of the breed was released. Later in the years, for various reasons, including war, the Siberian Husky it was then crossed with less cold resistant breeds but faster in the short distance such as greyhounds and Pointer. The result is a called dog Alaskan Husky currently not recognized as a breed.

Siberian Husky: character

The Siberian Husky it has a docile and sociable character, very sociable, so much so that it is absolutely not suitable to be a guard dog even if it is very intelligent. Dignified and proud, he is a cheerful dog and loves to play, gets along well with everyone and is an excellent companion for children who adore it.

He is not dangerous but he is very stubborn which makes it difficult to breed Siberian Husky. At an early age it is better to immediately make it clear who is in charge, because he immediately recognizes the pack leader, he treats others much less well. Despite the friendly character, the Siberian Husky it is very independent, not easy to raise, with a certain predatory instinct towards small pets and not.

Siberian Husky: appearance

Medium size, for the Siberian Husky it means 53- 60 cm of height at the withers for the male and 50-56 cm for the female, the weight is respectively between 20 and 28 kg for the first, 15 - 23 kg for the second.

Being a sturdy and muscular draft dog, Il Siberian Husky it has an elegant and light drive and a well-proportioned frame. Its slightly rounded skull gives it a lupine appearance together with the almond-shaped eyes, slightly oblique, which can be brown, amber, blue or heterochromes.

It is not at all true that all Siberian Husky they have blue eyes, nothing more false. The ears are erect and close together, and very small to disperse less heat, the tail, called fox tail, must be carried like a scimitar and never rolled up and folded.

Siberian Husky: the fur

The hair of the Siberian Husky and is of medium length, it acts not only as an anti-cold but also as an insulator against the heat. The first layer is a real fur while the other is longer and less tight, the result is an enviable and "extraordinary" thermal protection.

As for the colors of the Siberian Husky we immediately specify that the breed standard recognizes all the colors of the animal. This breed is one of those with the greatest amount of different colors, but we can talk about 4 groups: i Siberian Husky blacks, grays, reds and the "specials".

Blacks include the common "black and white" but also the "black and tan" and "mostly black", both of which are very rare. THE Siberian Husky grays are those that have the greatest variety of shades, from the very normal “gray”, also in the “silver” version, to the “wolf gray” and the very particular “agouti”.

Among the reds there is the "light red" and there are the Siberian Husky copper color, the "copper". The hair of the "specials" has as its main characteristic the way in which the color is distributed, and the best known are "sable", "piebald", "splash coat" and "saddle backs".

Siberian Husky: relationship with other dogs

The Siberian Husky is a very outgoing and friendly animal, therefore it is not aggressive towards other dogs. Its nature as an independent and curious "pack dog" is in fact very different from that of the classic guard or defense dogs, so there are no problems in making it grow with dogs of other breeds.

With strangers it shows a good character, with some exceptions: with other huskies, if not accustomed since puppyhood, it can trigger the instinct of domination over the herd if its position is threatened, especially among males if there is a female middle.

Siberian Husky: price

For a puppy of Siberian Husky the average amount required is dai 500 to 700 euros. There are also 300 online but it is all to be verified and I invite you to do so. By asking for the pedigree, but also by demanding documents, vaccines, and with a check-up visit to the vet.

It is also very important that the specimen of Siberian Husky that we want him to be in good health. Or at least, be aware of the puppy you are bringing home, even if we won't let him pull a sled.

Famous Siberian Husky

This breed is also well known in the media, especially in the films of which it has been the protagonist for years. We will all remember the recent Balto, with a Siberian Husky also protagonist of the following "Balto - The mystery of the wolf" and "Balto - On the wings of adventure". There is also "Snow dogs" and the famous "8 friends to save", and then the film "Iron will - Will to win". Last but to be dusted off, at least to say hello to our friend Siberian Husky, the film “Against the Wild”.

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