Rock garden, which plants to choose

Rock garden, which plants to choose

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Create a rock garden it is useful for exploiting the ground even in inaccessible corners, but also for moving a garden that is too flat. In the first case, rocks and stones will be the natural ones of the place and the project of rock garden will consist in using existing materials to model the differences in height. In the second case, let's talk about one instead rocks that we are going to build by transferring stones and rocks to the chosen point. In the choice of plant species of the rock garden this difference is not important, the influencing factors are the climatic conditions, the terrain and the exposure.

Also an flowered wall it can be quite a lot rock garden. There are numerous species of leafy and flowering plants that prefer to stay on the walls and on the top of the walls. They are satisfied with a handful of good soil among the stones and enliven the rock of colors and scents. Among the most suitable species for this purpose: thyme, soapwort, white and yellow alyssus, bluebells, Aubretia, androsace, Iberis, Phlox, Sedum dwarf and houseleeks.

A rock garden it can accommodate shrubs, dwarf conifers and a good number of flowering species. The latter can be chosen from bulbous, annual and perennial in order to have an alternation of blooms from spring to autumn. Plants forming compact masses such as cysts, i Sedum flowers, periwinkle, violets and i Geranium. If the rock garden is in the hills or in the mountains, lavender and rosemary look great.

Choosing the most suitable plants for the rock garden depends on the climatic conditions. In the regions to the north and on the high ground, one can orient oneself on plants of mountain or alpine origin (perfect heather) in the center-south and in the plains on the plants of the Mediterranean coast. Then it also depends on the exposure: a rock garden south facing is suitable for alpine plants and succulents (succulents) one facing south is well suited for ferns and violets. As for succulents, the rock garden it lends itself very well to reproducing its places of origin, at least visually.

In addition to those already mentioned, in rock garden bluebells (of various sizes) are good Alyssum, Echeveria, Mesembrianthemum is Potentilla. Among the ferns, to keep in mind for the shady rocks, they are suitable Asplenum rutamuraria is Asplenum trichomanes.

An important position in the rock garden the aromatic and fragrant ones certainly deserve it. A roccaglia or a rocky slope animated by thyme, santolina, rosemary, lavender and basin (and others) can be of incomparable beauty and perfume. The work can be completed with heather bushes, creeping juniper and Cotoneaster (to be positioned at the apex of the rock) the latter very suitable if you are at high altitude.

Placing the plants in the rock garden, you may like to spread a mixture of flowering seeds selected for this type of environment. Here you will find a mixture of 34 annual flowers per roccaglia ready.

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