Vitamins for dogs

Vitamins for dogs

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Vitamins for dogs, essential for their health, because in their absence proteins, carbohydrates and fats could not be metabolized. Vitamins for dogs not to be chosen with "dog" methods because each one performs a specific task and what matters is not quantity but quality. That is the ability to assimilate the vitamins for dogs.

No do-it-yourself, therefore, even in this case, but consult a veterinarian for a careful analysis of the health situation of our animal and any intolerance.

It is clear that if the adequate supply of vitamins for dogs there are serious deficiencies but also improvisation or overdoses of supposedly "good" substances can create problems. That said, the body must assimilate the vitamins for dogs and it does not always manage to do so only through nutrition, even if it is balanced and ample of different types of food.

There are "dog" moments even in the life of dogs, moments in which if we are good owners we are able to notice signals that must make us ring the alarm bell ahead. Alarm not alarming, but that leads us to consult a veterinarian for an "addina" ofvitamins.

A dull coat, for example, or a lot of hair lost. A slow and difficult digestion or one excessive fatigue. Is there any lack of vitamins for dogs? There are also periods that “classically” require an integration of vitamins for dogs, such as the growth phase, gestation and lactation but also more simply a due nutritional and weight recovery following or during convalescence.

Our friends may have been debilitated by diseases of bacterial or infectious origin, from surgery or parasite attacks, to recover vitamins for dogs they can serve, precisely because of their role as "facilitators" that we mentioned at the beginning.

If we think of the millions of biochemical reactions that occur in the dog every day, the bodily functions that engage it and the emotions that go through it, the vitamins for dogs they are really necessary, they can change your quality of life as well as help growth, energy production and digestion.

They are also excellent "friends" of detoxification, defenses against diseases and strengthening the immune system as well as indispensable in the constitution of cells, gods blood corpuscles, bones and teeth.

A diet with a balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus together with an integration of vitamins for dogs can help prevent bone problems and improve fracture healing.

The balanced relationship between the fatty acids omega 3-omega6 in combination with vitamins for dogs such as A and E and other trace elements, the repair of tissues takes place faster and better for the benefit of the skin and coat that are preserved from non-allergic dermatitis, for example.

There are supplements on the market vitamins for dogs with various functions: from preventing certain pathologies to promoting healing for others, to integrating a poor diet. They are not medicinal and there are supplements of vitamins for dogs also natural 100% natural, with herbs and fruits identical to those that the dog would find in nature if he did not live in captivity, comfortable in our apartments, as often happens.

In any case, I reiterate the importance of contacting a veterinarian anyway before letting your four-legged friend take a supplement of vitamins for dogs and to read the label carefully.

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