Garden shrubs for all seasons

The garden shrubs they can be evergreen or deciduous, depending on whether they keep or lose their leaf cover in the cold season. There are many species, just as many varieties, and they lend themselves to functions that are not only ornamental.

The garden shrubs they can have defensive functions (when they are hedges), protective functions (against wind and sea salt) and also naturalistic functions when they become the refuge of bees, butterflies, pollinating insects and predatory insects useful in the garden.

Evergreen garden shrubs

The most common are boxwood, privet, cherry laurel, Berberis, Aucuba, camellia, eleagno, piracanta and pittosforo, but the choice is very wide. All these evergreens have leaves with different shades of green and also veriegato, in some cases mixed with yellow. They are useful where you want a compact and stable decoration in defensive function (for example to mark a border) or protective (a windbreak barrier).

Deciduous garden shrubs

The species that lose their foliage in winter are, for example, Japanese dwarf maples, viburnums (some species), witch hazels, Amelanchier and Cornus. The latter are very decorative due to the branches that take on fire red colors. The decorative function is certainly the most sought after in deciduous shrubs, which with their changes highlight the progress of the seasons.

Garden shrubs: what size?

To cover the soil with pleasant aesthetic effects, there are several species of low and compact shrubs: lavender, rosemary, St. John's wort, santolina and thyme for example. The herbs also lend themselves well to a rocky and somewhat extreme garden, but there are shrubs for all climates and types of soil. Then there are large shrubs that can be kept low with periodic pruning, or left to go like saplings. For example: elderberry, lilac, laburnum and rowan.

Garden shrubs: when do they bloom?

Hawthorn, the forsythia, lilacs, rhododendrons and azaleas bloom in spring with an endless palette of colors. Then come the gorse, hydrangeas, Kerria, Buddleia and of course roses too. But also the cold season has its colors: camellia sasangua, Cotoneaster and Ilex in autumn; osmanthus, mahonia and lentage in winter.

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