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Cartoons with dogs

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Cartoons with dogs, the choice is wide, fortunately, but there are those famous and unmissable historical films, which see our four-legged friends as protagonists. They "rock" and take over the leading role in many feature films and short films by cartoons with dogs.

Without detracting from the most innovative and fresh out of the cinema, I cannot but start from first Disney movie whose protagonists are pets. It is one of the best known cartoons with dogs, you certainly guessed it, I'm talking about the romantic story of "Lilly and the Tramp (Lady and the Tramp) ".

Dated 1955, the cartoon is a romantic love story between a high-class cockerina and a shrewd and romantic stray. In the cartoons with dogs, often, in addition to the protagonists there are others, in this case with Lilly and Biagio there are also Whiskey, a Scottish terrier, and Fido, a friendly hound.

Another catch in cartoons featuring dogs that made history is "The Charge of the 101 (101 Dalmatians)”, Released in 1961. The story is that of the loving couple Pongo and Peggy.

Besides them, there are the 101 puppies and a bad girl with a human face, Cruella De Monas cruel as it is funny, in its stubbornness to erase the black spots on Dalmatians. This breed has experienced a boom in successes with the release of the film with a subsequent risk of abandonment following too many reckless adoptions, carried out on the wave of enthusiasm by cartoons with dogs.

From two universal hits we move on to less known titles, such as "Red and Toby-Enemies”(The Fox and The Hound) dating back to 1981. Among the cartoons with dogs this deals with the theme of friendship and diversity, with a melancholy and somewhat sad tone but faithful to the novel The Fox and the Hound by Daniel P. Mannix from which it is taken.

At the center of this cartoon is the friendship between Red, a small orphaned fox, and Toby, a small hunting dog. Growing up as great friends, the two animals find themselves on opposite sides of the barricade, which puts a strain on their bond.

Another among the cartoons with dogs that has passed on the sly is "Oliver & Company "(1988). It is a very tender film, inspired by the famous Dickens novel, Oliver Twist. There is a small kitten with many dog ​​friends including Dodger, a nice half-breed, Tito, the very agitated Chihuahua, Rita, an Afghan hound, very sweet, Francis, the Bulldog, and finally Einstein, the old Dane. Georgette also appears, then, the snobbish poodle, and two very bad Dobermans.

Recent among the cartoons with dogs is the Disney feature film "Bolt-A hero on all fours " of 2008. Bolt is a modern canine hero and has as traveling companions Rhino, a hamster that makes you laugh, and Mitten, a little knowledgeable but basically very tender kitten.

In one of the cartoons with dogs less famous there are twists from the beginning to the end of the film that runs off Disney feelings until the last minute.

There Pimpa, more than among the cartoons with dogs, should be referred to as a comic series. It is an Italian production designed by Altan and starring a dog with red polka dots and with the tongue often dangling. In 1975, Pimpa appears in the weekly edition of Corriere dei Piccoli, she lives outside the city, in Armando's house, a weird but big-hearted man with yellow complexion.

Other friends of Pimpa are the rabbit with light blue polka dots Coniglietto, the blue cat Rosita, and the Colombino rooster. Then there is Tito, a puppy dog, all blue, which in some stories appears as a guest of Armando's house. Smiling and full of life, always in good company, certified in cartoons with dogs. like this Pimpa And The Animals.

If we are on TV series more than on cartoons with dogs then another to depopulate is Scooby-Doo. Produced by Hanna-Barbera (now Cartoon Network Studios) since 1969, it features a talking great dane dog who joins a gang of four boys: Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, and Shaggy Rogers. Together they established the "Mystery Inc." and they travel around the world in a van called "Mystery Machine" to solve mysteries and ghost stories and other supernatural entities.

Turning to the cartoons with dogs in Japanese style one cannot help but think of the mythical “Hello! Spank ". It is specifically a manga serialized originally on Nakayoshi from 1978 to 1981. In 1981 Hello Spank! " has been transposed into a anime TV series produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha for a total of 63 episodes, in Italy it was broadcast for the first time on Italia 1 in 1982.

For the penultimate but among my favorites I want to mention Snoopy. Liui is one of the main characters of comics and gods cartoons with dogs inspired by the famous comic strip Peanuts, created by Charles M. Schulz. Snoopy is Charlie Brown's dog, he is a beagle even if many maintain it is a "bracchetta", an Italianization of the term "Beagle".

From the world of cartoons with dogs Santa's Little Helper also arrives. He's a brown colored whippet e appears ever since the first episode of The Simpsons, titled A dog Christmas.

This animal that roams of various cartoons with dogs it can be seen that this helper is much loved and pampered by the whole family. It's not because it is particularly awake or capable in any field: the Simpsons love him a priori, even or despite the close bond of friendship with Bart.

Another cartoon full of animals is Madagascar, my favorite is there Giraffe of Madagascar: Melman

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