Weaning of cats

Weaning of cats

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Weaning of cats: whether they are kittens with mother cat at their side or little orphans, it is weaning of cats remains an important transition process on which the fate of the future cat depends. I am not exaggerating: that everything goes smoothly is essential for there to be a proper physical development but also an excellent balance from an emotional point of view.

For weaning of cats it means the transition of the feline puppy from liquid food - mother's milk or a surrogate for orphans - to solid food. It starts when our new friends are four weeks old and lasts a few weeks, usually between eight and twelve weeks, then weaning of cats it flows into a state of complete independence from a nutritional point of view from breast milk.

That we do not have the brilliant idea of ​​"giving a move" to kittens by separating them from their mother before twelve weeks, they could suffer. A emotional trauma, or in any case consequences on the character and on their way of relating with other humans or cats.

The time of breastfeeding provided for by weaning of cats it is in fact an opportunity to consolidate the relationship with other cats and to "build" your own "being cat" with the right times and ways. Staying a measured time but not too short - that of weaning of cats - in the presence of his mother before abandoning her often forever, it is also important for a kitten to learn by imitation to eat, play, hunt, provide hygiene, use the cat's litter box.

Weaning of cats in nature

When it weaning of cats happens gradually, without forcing, separation anxiety and inflammation of the mammary gland are avoided. It is therefore important not to miss the stages of the weaning of cats. Knowing how to rely on the slowness and wisdom of the animal kingdom. What does a week change for us? For a kitten who is living his own weaning, it changes a lot.

Weaning of cats: how to proceed

From the third week of life it begins weaning of cats, when we can start offering him solid food. There are lines marketed dedicated to weaning, rich in nutrients suitable for growth of kittens.

Even in the weaning cats, you can choose between wet food, rich in water and tasty, and dry food, preferably softened with a little water. Let's not forget that in the period of weaning of cats, they have teeth.

Let's not be surprised if at first the cat is hesitant and he plays with the “new” food: rather, let's equip ourselves with very large and shallow bowls, to avoid that his play makes him dirty everywhere. Another trick during these first days of weaning of cats is to always leave the food to be experimented for about 30 minutes, several times a day, but without never force them.

If we start putting food in their mouths and forcing their snouts into their plates, they will have a terrible memory of the first. gastronomic approach to new flavors and it could then be an uphill road all of it weaning of cats.

Weaning of orphaned cats

In this case it is weaning of cats consists in passing from the bottle or syringe, used to feed abandoned kittens, to the bowl of milk and then to the solid food. The advice is to do it by creating baby food. Just mix kitten milk with adult food items. Better to avoid the cow milk which could be harmful: nothing serious but stomach upset and intolerances during it weaning cats, and at any other time, they are not welcome.

Let's go back to our menu from weaning cats: a feed a day can be replaced by two or three tablespoons of milk in which to dissolve half of the egg yolk. So we begin to get the cat used to new flavors, you can also do it with wet food or treats drowned in water.

As the days progress, "solid" meals must increase and become enriched at the expense of breastfeeding. An important "upgrade" in cat weaning is the introduction for the first time of homogenized chicken or veal, but no anxiety because they are certainly welcome.

By decreasing the milk and always increasing the solid portion, at six weeks we will be faced with a kitten able to eat moistened food, after another couple of weeks even dry food that is not moistened

Weaning of cats: first baby food

We have already given some examples: the first baby food for it weaning of cats they must be very digestible: the digestive system must be used to solid substances. You can start with baby food or pureed and cooked meat. The crunchy even if hard are not to be discarded a priori, in weaning of cats, but precisely because they are a little hard, they should be dissolved in water. There are also some especially for "little ones".

Weaning of cats: towards the end

The weaning of cats it begins to finish around six to eight weeks. The last, decisive phase of the process begins. After 60 days of "practice" the cat should feed itself completely. At this point it can be given in adoption it's at weaning of cats finished, the separation from the mother is no longer a drama.

From belonging to animal kingdom these felines also experience detachment as natural, once the delicate phase is over weaning of cats. It will be the mother cat herself who will be tired and detached. If we remove the i weaned kittens, they will not miss them, but we must continue to feed them with specific products for puppies at least up to nine months of life.

Weaning of

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