Shea butter soap, the recipe

How to make homemade shea butter soap: the recipe for making shea butter DIY soap. Properties, ingredients and various information on where to find raw materials.

The properties of shea butter soap

Theshea butter soapit is particularly moisturizing and exerts an emollient action on the skin. The shea butter it is popular in natural cosmetics, thanks to the high content of phenolic compounds (antioxidant substances) it has gained the reputation of being able to regenerate and deeply nourish all skin types, even if sulfur soap is more suitable for those with oily skin. Particularly suitable for those with dry skin and sensitive skin.

Theshea butter soapit is suitable for the care and cleansing of the body and face. Shea butter, having emollient properties, leaves the skin soft, hydrated and almost velvety.

Remember that the shea butter and therefore his soap, in contact with water it does not produce foam but a milky cream that gently envelops the skin following the movements of your hand.

To make soap at home, we recommend usingshea butterunrefined or treated, even better if it comes from organic farming. As indicated in the article dedicated to properties of shea butter, according to some research, the shea butter unrefined and produced with traditional extraction methods, it has much higher phenolic levels than the shea butter refined and produced with machines. Kairtè butter can be purchased at very affordable prices especially online where competition is strong and prices are lower. For example, on Amazon, 500 grams of unrefined and organically produced shea butter are offered at a price of € 15.99 with free shipping. For more information: Unrefined Organic Shea Butter - Certified Organic - 500g pack.

Soap made from shea butter, the recipe

The soap based on shea butter, it can be prepared from commercial caustic soda or from home-made lye from ash.

For the production of the lye, I refer you to the articlehow to make lye at home, while for caustic soda, this product can be easily found in commercial outlets such asLeroy Merlinor through the online purchase: a 1 kg pack of Caustic Soda is offered on Amazon at a price of € 8.14 with free shipping. Here are the ingredients provided for theShea Butter Soap Recipe:

  • 700 g. of olive oil
  • 300 g. of shea butter
  • 325 ml of distilled water
  • 125 g of caustic soda

For the procedure, wear gloves and a protective mask and remember to respect the safety rules recommended on the caustic soda packaging.

  1. Weigh the ingredients carefully.
  2. Pour the caustic soda into the distilled water with the help of two spoons. On a low heat stove, stir until the caustic substance is completely dissolved. The solution temperature must not exceed 45 ° C.
  3. Put oil and shea butter to heat in a bain marie until it reaches a constant temperature of 45 ° C (help yourself with a cooking thermometer).
  4. When the caustic solution and the oily solution have reached the same temperature of 45 ° C, add them together and mix until completely cooled.

Solidify theshea butter soapinto special shapes or roll it out in a pan with high edges and cut it only when it is completely solidified.

In point 4. of our procedure, if you want, you can add essential oils and other ingredients to perfume or support the properties of shea butter. Those with dry skin should avoid adding rice starch as recommended in some blogs.

How to make soap at home, other DIY recipes

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Where to buy shea butter soap

Who doesn't love thedo-it-yourselfcan buy loaves ofshea butter soapprepackaged. When buying, make sure you buy a natural and skin-friendly product. Among the various proposals on the market we point out the Montalbano line.

The natural soap with shea butter from the Montalbano line costs € 2.50 with a fixed shipping cost of € 6, which means that those who buy two shea butter soap Montalbano will pay 11 euros; buying more blocks of natural soap (for example, with Aloe vera for dry skin, with rice starch for combination skin and oily skin or with sulfur for those with acne problems) the price of the shipping costs will be spread further so that 5 bars of soap would come to cost € 3.70 each.

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