Mandatory condensing boiler and boiler label

Mandatory condensing boiler and boiler label

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There condensing boiler has become mandatory. The other novelty is the new one energy labeling of boilers introduced by MiSe on the basis of the European Ecodesign regulation. When it was time to restart the heating systems, autumn 2015 was loaded with new things. Although in part he waited (the condensing boiler was already mandatory in some regions).

Compulsory condensing boiler it does not mean that if you have another type you are obliged to change it. Those who have already installed a different boiler and it works well can obviously keep it; only when he decides to change boiler will he have to do it with one condensing boiler.

Traditional boilers will disappear and finding spare parts will also become increasingly difficult. In fact, producers can no longer place non-condensing boilers on the market, except for those intended for particular situations.

Only one particular type of non-condensing boiler may continue to be produced and marketed, which is technically defined as 'open chamber'. It can only be installed when it is not possible to replace an old boiler with one condensing boiler for problems related to the collective flue. A not uncommon situation in older multi-family condominium buildings.

The advantage of the condensing boiler it is in the greater efficiency of this technology since one condensing boiler is able to recover most of the heat from the exhaust fumes (which in traditional boilers is lost in the flue), transferring it to the water in the kettle. With less energy, more water can be heated. The price of one condensing boiler it is significantly higher than a traditional one, but the savings are noted in the bill if the use of heating is intense. And the environment thanks.

The new energy labeling of boilers defines the minimum standards of efficiency of the devices. As mentioned, it was introduced by the Ministry of Economic Development on the basis of the European Ecodesign regulation and provides for an energy classification from A + to G for appliances intended for space heating and from A to G for those intended to produce domestic hot water.

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