Asafoetida, properties and uses

Asafoetida, properties and uses

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Asafoetida, properties and uses. Where to buy it and how to use it in the kitchen (recipe) or in Ayurveda medicine and homeopathy. Natural remedies, benefits and advice for use.

Asafoetida, plant

L'asafoetidait is a herbaceous species of the Apiceae family also known by its namesfetid fennel, devil's manure and devil's dung. Despite the not encouraging names, theasafoetidait is very much grown for culinary purposes.

The plant is native to the desert areas of Iran and the mountains of Afghanistan. It is grown mainly in India for food purposes, although its uses include medical applications and other rather peculiar uses.

Asafoetida, flavor

As the name suggests, theasafoetidait does not smell good but brings a unique and soft flavor to dishes, vaguely reminiscent of leeks or garlic. Its pungent smell, during cooking, fades and becomes pleasant.

Asafoetida, between Ayurveda and homeopathy

Asafoetida in homeopathy and Ayurveda medicine. The properties of asafoetida, natural remedies and other information.

It is used as a natural remedy to reduce intestinal gas and is widely used in modern homeopathy and in traditional Indian and Thai medicine.

Due to its ability to reduce intestinal microbial activity, it is used as a natural remedy in case of flautolence. In the Indian region of Jammu, theasafoetidait is used as a medicine for constipation and is administered to 60% of the locals *.

In the Western world, during the 18th and 19th centuries, asafoetida mother tincture was used for the topical treatment of even deep abdominal lesions. Also in the West, theasafoetidait has long been used to fight the flu. In 1918 it was exploited to contain the damage of theSpanish.

In 2009, researchers found that the roots of asafoetida produce natural antiviral substances, these compounds have been shown to be effective against influenza A (H1N1), better known asthe swine flu. The study concluded that the sesquiterpene compounds extracted from F. assa-foetida (the botanical name ofasafoetida) could prove useful in the development of new anti-viral drugs. **

L'asafoetidait is also used to counteract respiratory problems, particularly as a remedy for asthma and bronchitis, especially in children.

L'asafoetidais appreciated for itspropertyantimicrobials that in past centuries have been exploited for the treatment of chronic bronchitis and whooping cough. In the past, theasafoetidait was used in the prevention of births, as a natural contraceptive remedy or for its abortive power following a pregnancy.

According to Ayurveda, Indian medicine,asafoetidait is particularly suitable for treating various pathologies in individualsVata and Kapha Docha, in particular, it can relieve colic and abdominal pain, plus improve appetite and digestion.

Asafoetida, as used in the kitchen

If you are looking for some recipesto use asafoetida in the kitchen, know that you are spoiled for choice. With this plant you can spice up a very long list of dishes.

L'asafoetida in the kitchen it is very popular, this is because, with cooking, its smell tends to dissipate leaving room for flavor and almost soft texture. For culinary uses, I refer you to the articleAsafoetida in the kitchen.

Asafoetida, where can you buy it

On the market it is not difficult to find theasafoetidain powder mixed with other ingredients, it is much more difficult to find pure asafoetida. If you can't find it in the spice department of the supermarket, you can take advantage of the online shopping.

On Amazon, for example, there is no shortage of sales proposals forpure asafoetidaor mixed with other spices. TO "this Amazon page "you can find several proposals ofpure asafoetida at the most diverse prices based on the desired quantity and the manufacturer.

Asafoetida, magical properties

In Jamaica, asafoetida is used in local tradition to ward off evil spirits. InHoodootraditional African-American, theasafoetidait is used in spells because it is considered a powerful plant, able to curse enemies or protect friends.

The composition of theasafoetidavaries from crop to crop, its resin is very popular. The resin is known for the amount of ferulic acid, umbelliferone and other compounds not yet identified ***.

Asafoetida, other uses

L'asafoetidait is used for hunting and fishing. In hunting as a bait to attract wolves while in fishing, its smell would seem effective in attracting catfish and pike. It can also be used to attract moths to collectors and photographers.

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