Climatic zones Italy for gardeners

Climatic zones Italy for gardeners

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Speaking of gardening, there are conventionally seven climatic zones Italy identify each with a number. The classification adopted by the gardening texts is that of the Usda, the United States Department of Agriculture, and is different from the Italian climatic classification used for heating systems (from A to F).

Indicating the climatic zone is useful for understanding whether a plant can be successfully grown in a given area of ​​the country based on the local microclimate. If you are used to reading about gardening, with the instructions below you will have the elements to 'decipher' the numbers. Especially in texts translated from English.

The climatic zones Italy there are seven, but only four are inhabited. The climatic zones 5 and 6 include the peaks of the Alps with minimum winter temperatures ranging from -30 ° C to -23.3 ° C: know that they exist, but it will not be so useful. Then there is zone 11 which coincides with Lampedusa, to remember for the winter minimum normally above + 4.5 ° C.

The other four climatic zones Italy they are marked with the numbers seven, eight, nine and ten. They include territories from north to south of the peninsula that are not always contiguous because, as mentioned, the climatic zones in Italy identified by the USDA take into account microclimates.

Zone 7: areas at the base of the Alps and pre-Alpine areas. Here the minimum temperatures are between about -17 ° C and -12 ° C. It is the typical alpine climate area, but inhabited, where winter means frost.

Zone 8: includes the entire Po Valley and the central areas of the Apennines. It is characterized by minimum winter temperatures between -12 ° C and -6 ° C.

Zone 9: here are Liguria, the shores of Lake Garda, eastern Romagna, central Italy and the inland areas of Sicily and Sardinia. Winters have lows ranging from -6 ° C to -1 ° C.

Zone 10: it is the climatic zone that does not know the 'bad' winter with winter lows ranging from -1 ° C to + 4 ° C. Here are the Ionian side of Calabria and Puglia together with small coastal areas of southern Tuscany and western Liguria characterized by particular microclimates.

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