How to reuse green tea leaves

How to reuse green tea leaves

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How to reuse green tea leaves: ideas and advice on how to use green tea leaves or sachets after the preparation of the classic infusion.

The one for the green tea seems to be a disposable love: a few moments of infusion and then ... puff, the leaves end up in the organic bucket, but it doesn't have to go that way! On this page we will look at some amazing ways to reuse green tea leaves.

Green tea in leaves, bags or matcha tea?

Undoubtedly, an infusion prepared withgreen tea leavesit is far more valuable than infusions made with tea bags. The tea bags contain a blend consisting of the waste from agricultural tea processing. The finest form of green tea is whole leaves, which is why Chinese green tea "Long Jing Green tea" is so expensive. It is a green tea infusion made with whole leaves as shown in the photo above and in the video below.

Long Jing Green Tea, also known as Dragon WellorTraditional Chinese Green Teaand it is so valuable that 350 grams of product cost, on Amazon, 49.99 euros. For those who want to try green tea in whole leaves or want more information about the product, here is the official Amazon page: Dragon Well Premium Quality. The page was automatically translated by Amazon so the description and name of the product are macaronic but equally easy to understand.

As is clear from the video, before consuming this infusion ofgreen tea you have to wait for all the leaves to reach the bottom of the glass. Anothergreen teaextremely valuable is the one used in Japan for the traditionaltea ceremony but in this case "waste" from the infusion is not obtained because the powder from the sprouts is used green tea(the most tender leaves), better known asmatcha or maccha tea.

How to reuse green tea leaves

Recycle green tea leaves to prepare natural cosmetics

The green tea leaves count interesting nutritional properties: they are rich in polyphenols and other antioxidant substances (for further information: green tea, properties) which can have beneficial effects on the skin; that's why the green tea leaves they can be used to make natural tonics and other beauty products. For this purpose you can reuse green tea bags or, even better, the green tea leaves already used for the infusion.

  • For face cleansing

To cleanse your face, you can make a toner by re-infusing green tea leaves in 250ml of distilled water. Alternatively, you can infuse 6 used green tea bags. Mix and let it soak for an hour before using the liquid for facial cleansing. Those who have problems with enlarged pores can add a few drops of lemon juice to the infusion.

  • To eliminate bags and dark circles

The tea bags or the green tea leaves advanced, they can be reused to make nourishing compresses to soothe bags, dark circles and red eyes. All you have to do is try wraps, at the end of the day to relieve eye fatigue and in the morning to reduce bags and dark circles.

  • Green tea flavored bath

You can add a good amount oftea leavesor sachets to the bathtub so you can immerse yourself in a flavored and relaxing bath. The green tea bath thus obtained can exert an emollient effect on the skin.

  • To eliminate warts and blisters

The tea leaves, collected in a cloth handkerchief soaked in hot water, can be used to make a soothing pack to relieve the pain of blisters or to eliminate foot warts. You can use tea bags for the same purpose.

Recycle green tea leaves for the health of your home and garden

Tea infusion is an excellent natural fertilizer and is also useful for home hygiene. Let's see how to reuse tea leaves at home and in the garden.

  • As a natural fertilizer

For the fertigation of garden plants you can use an infusion prepared with leftover tea leaves or with the bags already used.

  • For the compost

The green tea leaves, as well as the sachets, can be reused for the umpteenth time for the production of domestic compost.

  • Anti-odor remedy for carpets and fabrics

Even the most delicate rugs (Persian and Oriental rugs) can be cleaned with tea leaves. It is an ancient anti-odor remedy used for cleaning carpets and upholstery in general (sofas, cushions…). The remedy is to sprinkle thetea leavesjust wet (not wet) on the carpet to be cleaned. At this point, all you have to do is wait for the leaves to be completely dry to sweep them away along with the dust.

  • For cleaning wooden floors and surfaces

For cleaning wooden floors and surfaces you will need to accumulate enough sachets or green tea leaves in proportion to the surfaces to be washed. Use warm water to infuse the leaves again and then use the liquid to make wood furniture and floors shine.

As recycle green tea leaves in the kitchen

There green tea leaves (as well as the sachets) can also be reused in the kitchen to flavor meat broths and vegetable broths or to flavor rice during cooking.

If you let the tea leaves you can reduce them to powder so as to flavor smoothies, ice creams and add value to baked or centrifuged products.

This guide can be applied to any variety of tea. For information on the properties, flavor and characteristics of other teas, please refer to the page:Types of tea.

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