Do-it-yourself recycling, objects to reuse instead of throwing away

Do-it-yourself recycling, objects to reuse instead of throwing away

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At home, we have many things that can be transformed into design objects, if not more useful:
bulbs, glass jars, plastic bottles can be filled with earth to accommodate the seedlings. In fact, there are so many unsuspected objects that can amaze!

Very few tools and a lot of originality are enough to give new life to old things abandoned in the cellar, but above all to objects destined to be thrown away. The garbage that we produce every day inevitably ends up in the environment ... in our small way, we are responsible for environmental damage!

Many experts promote various campaigns and projects in order to promote the recycling of waste and thus reduce the environmental impact generated by the accumulation of garbage. Approaching DIY recycling is not easy but it is fun, it also allows you to save money and give inspiration to your imagination. Let's see in detail how to reuse some object that seems to be no longer usable, giving you some very useful tips.

DIY recycling, some ideas

  • Plastic bottle

Our first recommendation is to avoid buying bottled water. If you have no alternative, at least you can use the plastic bottles for other purposes instead of throwing them in the trash. For example, you can turn them into small pots for the garden.
Take a plastic bottle and cut off the top then make holes in the base (for drainage). Finally, add some soil. Your pot is ready to welcome new plants
To create more original vases, you can decorate the bottles according to your imagination.

For further information, please refer to the article "How to recycle plastic bottles"

  • Denim pants

If you have old jeans or jeans that fit tight, you can turn them into something useful; there are many ideas for recycling a pair of jeans. Here's how to make a beautiful one.
Cut off the legs of the pants and use the top to make a bag. To make it more original, you can add as many details as you like.

  • Kitchen grater

The grater is one of the kitchen utensils that we often throw away: after regular use, it tends to lose its cut or change color.
Instead of throwing it in the trash, try reusing it with creative recycling.
You can paint it and turn it into a lamp for your garden or decorate it to put on earrings.

  • Tins of tuna

Do you consume at least one or two cans of tuna a week? Do not throw the tin cans in the trash because they can be reused in various ways. The only recommendation is to wash them thoroughly for
eliminate the smell. You can attach ice cream sticks or clothespins around the box to make a practical candle holder or a small vase.

We can also obtain a practical needle holder; just paint the tin box, fill it with cotton or wadding and then cover it with light fabric.

  • Cardboard boxes

Another waste that lends itself very well to DIY recycling are cardboard boxes. Many objects can be made; you can make it into an object holder, a photo frame ... you just need a little creativity

  • Burnt out light bulbs

Burnt out light bulbs can become a very original table centerpiece. They can also act as a container for small plants: just remove the upper part of the bulbs, remove the internal wires, add water and finally the plants. In order for it to remain stable on the table, you need to attach the bulb to a base or create a special support with wires

  • Glass bottles

Transparent glass bottles or bottles of other colors can become small light bulbs or original garden lamps.
All you have to do is cut the bottle and decorate it or cover it with fabric to make wonderful candle holders to put on the table. You may be wondering: How can I cut the bottle?
It is absolutely not a problem, there is a Cutter on the market to cut glass bottles for sale at a price of € 30.99 on Amazon with free shipping.

  • Cardboard egg holder

With a little creativity, cardboard egg cups can become very functional and graceful objects.
They can become a fan to cool your laptop: just place the PC on top
You can make decorative flowers or a box to divide buttons, needles ... in short, small objects.

For further information read also "Creative recycling

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