Cherry tree pruning

Cherry tree pruning

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There cherry tree pruning it must never be too vigorous. In fact, we are talking about a tree that does not need excessive interventions to grow well. More than pruning, in the case of the cherry tree, there are useful interventions such as bending and particular inclinations. These works give the tree a usually irregular shape but keep it in good health. The free form is the most common in cherry, although this remains a tree that can be grown well both in pots and by giving it a palmette shape.

There cherry tree pruning it must be done especially in the vegetative phase. If it is pruned during this period, the tree is in fact able to better defend itself from diseases and attacks by parasites that exploit the pruning cuts to infiltrate the wood. There is a basic distinction between pruning in the first year and pruning in subsequent years.

Cherry tree pruning: the first year

Once the rod has been buried, it must be shortened to about 1 meter from the ground. Then gradually we proceed with the normal pruning of the branches until the tree has reached the desired shape. Growth shoots should be chosen suitable and well inserted.

Cherry tree pruning: the following years

For the above reasons, the branches should not be pruned and are to be allowed to grow freely. The further stages that are formed on the branches are to be ticked near the arrow in order to have the formation of shoots under the cut that are suitable for continuing the new stage. If this operation results in an unbalanced crown, it is better to correct with bending rather than with further pruning.

With proper pruning, the cherry tree grows sturdy to usually over 4 meters in height. It is also a usually very long-lived tree that ages without requiring any other special care from the gardener.

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