Carthusian cat: character and price

Carthusian cat: character and price

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Carthusian cat, a great hunter of mice and ally of the monks, from which it takes the name of "Carthusian cat ". It is a feline of very ancient origins and which is still partly debated. To distinguish him, the beautiful hair, the almost hypnotic eyes and a very very manageable character. He is also an excellent babysitter, as he loves to play.

Carthusian cat: legend

Ancient and very valuable breed, with many legends about its origin, that of Carthusian cat. The most popular hypothesis is the one that traces it back to the times of the monks who began to breed these felines to protect the barns and food supplies.

The Carthusian cat he was also charged, in the monastery, to watch over to avoid the destruction of precious manuscripts. In particular in France there is the area of Great Chartreuse and in the eleventh century i Carthusian monks they had a monastery right there where they raised cats with the typical blue-gray coat. What case is it? It seems that the Crusaders, returning from Holy Land, to repay the hospitality, had given them to him.

It is said that later, in the 1700s, the Carthusian cat he was also bred for food but was very famous and appreciated for his thick fur, very similar to that of the otter. From this feature another hypothesis about the name, because fabric merchants at the time sold the skin of gray cats and a wool that came from Spain and was called "Carthusian wool". Both were extraordinarily soft and many swapped them. So the cat took the name of wool, and here is the Carthusian cat.

Carthusian cat: breeding

The Carthusian cat in modern times it has been raised since the 1930s by two French ladies, the Léger sisters and a few years after theirs cat Mignonne was elected "miss Carthusian cat in the world"At the Paris exhibition.

At the same time, other farms were born in the area of ​​the central French massif and in the Atlantic area. Currently the Carthusian cat it is always bred and appreciated very much in France, but also in Belgium, in Italy it is still rare, but a breeding that has worked a lot and works for its diffusion in the peninsula is that of "Dei Rosicrucians", and there is also the Club del Gatto Certosino Italy.

Carthusian cat: character

Very affectionate, extremely attached to his family Carthusian cat however, he does not give up his strong personality. This does not mean that it is not fair and balanced, on the contrary, but, for example, the Carthusian cat does not suffer from loneliness or travel.

With him you can move as much as you want, he knows his stuff and is not upset. To the Carthusian cat it matters to be with you in the family and even if you have other animals, it does not tend to be territorial, so it gets along well with it. Loves family but doesn't like being picked up either "Scrambled" if not when he feels like it, and then he makes you understand.

Love the warmth, if not human, domestic yes, so he could settle on his bed in winter to keep you company and stay warm. He is sweet and almost never irritable, so the Carthusian cat it is a candidate to be an excellent animal for both children and lonely or elderly people.

Carthusian cat: appearance

The female of the Carthusian cat it is more indomitable and active, and has a build similar to that of the domestic cat while the male of Carthusian cat reaches up to 7-8 kg and more. However, both have a massive and robust structure and the hypnotic eyes that set in a sweet way of a color that can range from golden bronze to amber, without traces of green.

The ears of the Carthusian cat they are not very hairy and the limbs are all long, with wide legs while the tail is of medium length, tapered and with a rounded tip. Especially in the male, the cheeks are full. When the Carthusian cat has a less blocked nose, it could have some blood British Blue you hate Persian.

Carthusian cat: cloak

The mantle of the Carthusian cat deserves a chapter in itself: it is smooth, soft, gray with blue reflections and rich in shades from ash to slate. There is also the undercoat, slightly raised, which creates thickness and gives this animal a slightly wooly appearance.
In the official standard of the Carthusian cat all shades are allowed but there must be no difference in shade between the coat and undercoat. The hair must appear uniform without shading: anything that smears and stains is considered a defect, from the presence of brown-red reflections, to the streaks or the presence of white hair.

The most popular color for Carthusian cat remains the light blue gray which, when it gets snore in the sun, shows off shades of blue-violet color. The color of the coat is not immediately definitive, at birth the Carthusian cat is striated, in the first months of life the tabby streaks fade and after a few months there is the characteristic and uniform blue color.

Carthusian cat: care

The Carthusian cat it's the beautiful classic that doesn't care. In the sense that it does not require a great commitment for the owner who can then show off the beauty of his animal with zero effort. Almost. The nice coat should be brushed once a week, only during moulting should be used once Brush to remove dead hair. The ears must be cleaned only if necessary with a specific product, then just check them every so often as well as the nails, to be checked periodically.
It is also necessary to keep an eye onsupply, the important thing is that it is varied and balanced, even when alternating dry foods, wet foods: cans or meat, fish with rice and vegetables, milk. But you have to pay attention to the food because the Carthusian cat is really very greedy, greedy, he does not know how to measure himself so never leave the full bowl at his disposal all day.

Carthusian cat: fame

The Carthusian cat has long been considered the French national cat. In the past it was the general's favorite cat Charles de Gaulle and the most loved by Colette. The writer dedicated the novel to him "The cat”Of 1933 and was known to spend a lot of time with her cats. Just stroking a Carthusian cat Colette wrote: "The best companions never have less than four legs" and also "the idea that cats have of comfort is absolutely incomprehensible to humans".
Today the Carthusian cat, especially in France, but increasingly also outside his homeland, he conquers, because he is beautiful, and because of his meek nature. In fact it is called "The cat-dog", in particular the male tends to become more attached to people while the female remains more detached and knows how to be alone for some time.

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