Samoyed: character and price

Samoyed: character and price

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Samoyed, was a female of Samoyed, Etah, the lead dog of the expedition of Roald Amundsen which then first reached the South Pole. This just to say that we are in front of an exceptional dog, for character and appearance. White, soft, intelligent and sociable in a new way. Yet this Samoyed he comes from a cold land where he kept company and helped silent reindeer herders in the daily routine.

From the Spitz category, sled and companion dog, the Samoyed is originally from Russia. There, the term Samoyed after the October Revolution it had fallen into disuse because it was derogatory, but by now Arctic explorers such as the aforementioned Roald Amundsen had brought specimens in large numbers both in Europe and in North America. So now it was done: here is the Samoyed depopulate, with good reason, especially as pet dog, if not from the show.

Samoyed: I wait

Nordic and towing dog, for work, in general, the Samoyed has a medium-large size and a robust and resistant body. With elegance, vigor and agility, it moves with its 57 cm at the withers, with its 20-30 kg depending on whether it is male or female, and is ready to withstand any type of bad weather or low temperatures.

He has dark eyes, usually brown, and lips with a curvature of their own that give the Samoyed a smiling look. The expression is famous "Smile of the Samoyed" and in this case, then we will see the character, it is very apt. If psychologically he is distinguished by good character, physically the Samoyed it is recognizable by its white coat. At best very dense cream color.

Rough and straight, close and dense, the hair of the Samoyed it features undercoat and shape, soft and voluminous as it is, a kind of collar around the neck and behind, framing the head, especially in males. It goes from semi-short to long, then, as the parts of the body vary, with a nice pair of "long johns”On the thighs and protective fur between the toes.

Even the tail is all to be told in Samoyed: abundantly covered with hair and brush, when the dog is alert and moving, it is carried bent from the root towards the front, while at rest it hangs down towards the legs.

Black Samoyed

Bred in the Samoyedi tribe, the first specimen of Samoyed, not the final version of course, had not been selected white but black. That's right: most of Samoyed that accompanied these cold shepherds was black and the current white color arrived with the birth of farms both in Great Britain and in the United States.

These are two parallel paths, for the Samoyed, which have developed two different types, in addition to the white color well known today: the "Bear type" and the "Wolf type". Today everyone says, and so it is officially, that the Samoyed has Russian origins, from Siberia, but initially the credit was taken by England.

This breed, not immediately only white, but also accepted biscuit or white and biscuit, was presented for the first time in an exhibition in 1905 where it won, look a bit, a Samoyed black: Pedro.

Samoyed: character

There are those who say that he is stubborn and disobedient, but I don't think so. It has character, the Samoyed. But he has a very nice character, sweet and affectionate, sociable and extremely docile. Of course, with such a nature, we cannot recommend the Samoyed as a hunting dog, but as a companion it is perfect, and even more perfect is as a friend and babysitter, or as a dog among dogs, with whom he lives very peacefully.

He seems to want to do his own thing but in truth the Samoyed is quite easily trainable, and has a strong need to be with people, with the master in particular, to whom he swears eternal loyalty and eternal company, Every now and then he bites his heels: a spite of Smiling Samoyed? A joker, a cuddly, but how to blame a dog like that !!!

Samoyed: origin

The name of Samoyed, and the race, black rather than white, originates from the nomadic reindeer herders Nenci of the Tundra, which live in some areas of Siberia. There they raised this dog to help them in their work, to pull the sleds when they moved and to warm them by sleeping on their bodies.

The work of selecting the Samoyed, and the white color that today makes it candidly recognizable, starts from 1896 thanks to English spouses Kilburn-Scott. To obtain the current appearance, and the current white, these gentlemen set up the first breeding. After them the Samoyed it was at the center of the thoughts of other breeders, especially English, up to the first official standard, dated 1909, which was then recognized and approved by the FCI.

In Italy the breed of Samoyed came later, thanks to Duke of the Abruzzi while the first Italian breeder was the countess Caterina Passarin d'Antreves, owner of the international beauty champion Kristar of Kobe, imported from England.

Samoyed: price

It is an extremely robust dog in health, like many sled dogs, the Samoyed, and is therefore very long-lived. This has a price, and a puppy, even very beautiful, costs him 800 to 1000 euros, unless it is usually not a safe purchase, it is better to investigate and contact your trusted veterinarian to evaluate the opportunity.

Before taking a Samoyed it is better to notice the fact that it is a dog that loves to do, it is a working dog, so it is preferable to let it live in the garden. Moreover, although long-lived, it is not free from hereditary diseases. The most common ones for the Samoyed they are ocular ones such as cataracts, for example, or retinal dysplasia.

As for dysplasia, that of the hip must also be controlled, and it could be a dog predisposed to diabetes. Important is thesupply: the Samoyed he does not suffer from obesity, being also quite active, but it is important that he is balanced, also to keep his hair so white that it makes it irresistible. Almost a stuffed animal, but don't tell him: he is a working dog and, although meek, could take offense. Making you a Smile from Samoyed, but bitter.

Samoyed: a video

If you want to learn how to groom a Samoyed or simply admire its beauty, I suggest you watch this beautiful video shot by Guerrino Santoni, at Pets Locarno.

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