What to grow in October

What to grow in October

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What to grow in October: the list and advice for starting the garden in October. What the vegetable garden looks like in autumn, between sowing and planting.

Tips and tricks on what to grow in October, from planting to sowing. Seasonal fruit and vegetables and fake out of season fruit and vegetables: strawberries and asparagus can also be grown in autumn.

What to sow in October

The October sowing list: vegetables from sowin the month of Octoberin pots, in open fields or in the raised garden. Sowing in the open field is recommended only in Southern Italy and in regions with a milder climate. Those who live in the north could sow in boxes or protected flower beds. Here is the list of what to grow in October:

- beetroot,
- chard, carrots,
- savoy cabbage,
- carrots
- turnip greens,
- Fava beans,
- fennel,
- endive,
- lettuce,
- baby lettuce,
- peas,
- parsley,
- radicchio,
- radishes,
- rocket salad,
- escarole,
- spinach,
- valerianella.

Among the more unusual varieties, we recommend thesowingof purple carrot. The purple carrot is rich inanthocyanins.Anthocyanins are pigments belonging to the flavonoid family, have a high antioxidant power and, according to recent studies, protect the heart and prevent the appearance of certain tumors. Along with purple carrots, another highly underrated vegetable is beetroot.

The seeds ofpurple carrotsthey can be found in agricultural consortia and in the most well-stocked garden centers. Those who prefer can take advantage of the online purchase: on Amazon a package of purple carrot seeds can be bought for 6.50 euros with shipping costs included in the price. For all information, I invite you to visit the page:purple carrot seeds.

What to grow in October: planting

Thecropsto start aOctoberthey do not necessarily have to start from sowing. In October it is possible to continue with the planting of the plants already developed and indicated among those to be cultivated in the months of August and September. In particular, in October it can be grown starting from the transplantation of:

- garlic,
- onion,
- ribbed chard
- cabbage
- broccoli cabbage
- cauliflower
- other varieties of cabbage and broccoli
- chicory
- turnip greens
- lettuces
- baby lettuce
- fennel

In October it is possible cultivate different aromatic herbs. The planting of peppermint, oregano, bay leaf, borage and chives is underway.

Listen Listen!
Not everyone knows that there are some varieties of strawberries that can be grown in the fall. Several varieties of single or remontant strawberry plants love the cold and should be grown in autumn, by doing so, the first harvest will arrive before Christmas. For cultivation in late October or November, choose bare root strawberries and do not forget mulching for planting. It is possible to grow strawberries starting from sowing if done in early October.

October: seasonal vegetables

After seeing what to grow in Octoberit is necessary to mention the vegetables which, previously sown, can be harvested in October.

Among the vegetables in season in October we point out the latest tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes. You can still find peppers and basil. Depending on the sowing period, lettuce, baby lettuce, spinach, rocket, parsley and rosemary can be harvested in October. There is no shortage of early leeks and pumpkins.

On the fruit and vegetable counter, beware of false off-season: asparagus is harvested in spring, it is true, but there is a variety that is harvested between September and October. The September asparagus is less productive than the spring one and costs up to 40% more. Mind you, this is not an out of season vegetable but a variety called, in fact,September asparagus.

October: seasonal fruit

As for fruit, we still have grapes. In October the olive harvest begins and between September and October there is no shortage of fresh walnuts. In this month, kiwis begin to be harvested and among the seasonal fruit of October we remember apples and pears.

October is also the month of chestnuts, hazelnuts and delicious mushrooms.

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