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Himalayan cat: there are those who do not even consider it a race, its own, but a sub-race of Persian cat. In the FIFe classification the himalayan cat belongs to category 1, of cats Persian and "exotic". Of exotic, in the sense of "peculiar" the himalayan cat no doubt he has the cloak, and the eyes. He had his moments of fame in the cinema, alongside Robert de Niro, even.

It is a large animal for a feline, cobby and with long and thick hair, ha American origin because there the first selections began to obtain this much loved, recognizable and colorful breed. In fact, it can be found in many colors: Seal Point, Red Point, Lilac Point, Cream Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point with its big blue eyes, blue that cannot be darker.

Himalayan cat: origin

American origins, for the himalayan cat, but is a Swedish geneticist, the Mr. Tjbbes, which in 1920 first selected the gene which then leads to the specific characteristics of the breed. This is the colourpoint gene, also called Himalayan.

In the USA in 1935 in some farms crossing a Black Persian it's a Siamese 3 black short-haired kittens were born which, crossed with each other and then between children and parents, led to interesting considerations on gene object. Solid coloration and short hair were found to be dominant factors. And so the race of the himalayan cat, for some associations still sub-breed of the Persian cat.

Himalayan cat: appearance

The build of the himalayan cat it's pretty sturdy, it's kind cobby, therefore with short legs and broad chest, shoulders as big as the body, but without ever tending to obesity. Rounded all over himalayan cat, even the head has it from smooth lines, with broad skull and full cheeks.

The ears are small and rounded, the tail is short but proportionate to the rest of the body. The eyes of the himalayan cat bewitching, are one of its hallmarks in addition to the cloak. I'm large and round, well spaced and give it the typical sweet expression. They vary from blue to light blue but in general they must be as bright and intense as possible, they are due to Himalayan gene, just like the cloak.

Himalayan cat: cloak

The hair of the himalayan cat it is long and very thick, among the longest of the longest. The color tends to darken with age and this breed has spots of color, some colored tips darker than the rest of the body. And the more they contrast, the more valuable our friend is himalayan cat.

Some parts of the body thus become darker and are mask, larger for males, and then ears, limbs and tail. As we anticipated, it is a feature linked to Himalayan gene, recessive: it activates an enzyme that transforms the precursors of melanin into melanin, resulting in a darkening of the hair.

This enzyme is inactivated to certain "hot" temperatures as it awakens in the extremities. In fact, in kittens, arriving at a high and constant “maternal uterus” temperature, once they come into the world they are and remain white for about ten days. Then i points they begin to appear to consolidate towards the fourth week of life, on the extremities, where you have the right temperature.

Himalayan cat: the colors

There are many possible shades for this himalayan cat with beautiful fur, so many that to tell them it seems to leaf through a catalog. Everyone has deep blue colored eyes, the bluer it is, the more himalayan cat is. Let's start from Seal Point with brown and tan extremities and golden body: it has a lighter tail than the legs and muzzle and black nose, lips and pads.

As the name suggests the Blue Point it has a steel blue tip on a grayish white body, some variations too Tortie and nose, lips and gray pads. Milk chocolate is the color of the points of the Himalayan cat Chocolate Point, with a light ivory body and glasses. Yes, this dye often features lighter hair circles around the eyes while nose, lips and pads are rosy.

The Lilac Point it has pinkish beige ends - the more pink it is, the more precious the cat is - while the body varies from dirty white to extremely pale antique ivory with nose, lips and pads coral pink. Let's move on to the more decisive colors with the Red Point, extremities red or bright orange on off-white body, with nose, lips and pads deep pink and frequent black spots of pigmentation on lips and nose. Last comes the pale Cream Point: the ends are faded red, the body is off-white, nose, lips and pads light pink.

Himalayan cat: character

The himalayan cat is a quiet type: his physique so evident and particular, hides a docile character. It is lively, however, and unlike the others persian cats he is not a wild one. His cousins ​​are known to be talkative, while ours himalayan cat it is more sedate, also thanks to the cross with the Siamese cat.

The voice that characterizes Persian cats is also one of his qualities, because in his case it is pleasant but never intrusive. The himalayan cat and also playful, the boss does not impose himself or persecute himself, but if the opportunity arises at home to play and be in company, he is very happy and participates.

Himalayan cat: price

The price of a puppy of himalayan cat is around the 350 euros. It is a very beautiful cat but with a not exaggerated cost, and it is also quite easy to keep at home. The long and thick coat it can lead to having to change the cat's litter box often, but otherwise it does not require particularly demanding care.

It is said that the himalayan cat, like the Burmese cat and the Siamese, have a particular genetic predisposition to suck hair.

Himalayan cat: the famous

In books and on TV, indeed, in the cinema: the himalayan cat has its own media space. Let's start with the books: it appeared in that of Guinness World Record like the smallest cat. The specimen of himalayan cat in question it was called Tinker toy, he was only 7cm tall and 19cm long. The American family that hosted him said they kept it in their pockets.

Another himalayan cat that you will all now say "ah, yeah !!!" it is Loser of the 2000 film "Meet my parents"., The feline alongside Robert de Nirohe was just a kitten of this breed: darling of the house and protagonist of the many gags in a messed up but very nice family.

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