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Volpino italiano, little white and lovable. How to resist it? With the "Made in Italy" depopulated. It is a dog officially classified as a "Spitz and primitive type". Less officially but more sympathetically known for its nose, its color and its great ability to be company, even with children.

Volpino italiano: origins

We can also get to the Renaissance and already the Volpino italiano it was known. We cannot remain silent on the well-known fact that this breed also risked disappearing: it happened around 1965 but today, fingers crossed, this bug of disappearance seems to have been averted.

The Volpino italiano it is a descendant of the European Spitz, a dog that inhabited our peninsula during the Bronze Age, and enjoyed great success with the various rulers and the circle of the Italian nobility century after century. A dog, the Volpino italiano, by people with a high soul, especially if they reside in Lazio and Tuscany, who even conquered the dog of Michelangelo, but which lived through very dark times during and after World War II.

Today it is not very popular for now, but its diffusion is in full recovery. Of course, it's not like in 1600, when it was in the hearts of many noblewomen, however, it is climbing the slope, no longer as a guard dog but as a companion dog.

Volpino italiano: aspect

The name it bears, of Volpino italiano remembers its similarity in the muzzle, to the wild fox. White, however, because its top color is white, uniform. As a size, being small, we don't go much further than 20 cm, they are almost 30 in height at the withers and in the case of females, not even that, for a weight of up to 4 kg. The physique is not stunted, on the contrary, thanks to the hair, but the general appearance of the Volpino italiano it is harmonious.

The jaw is not very robust with wide open eyes that are always alert and lively, dark ocher in most cases. The ears of the Volpino italiano they are like antennae, triangular, erect, while the tail is always curled on the back.

The white fur of the Volpino Italiano it is thick, very long, straight in an almost "exaggerated" way and on the neck it forms a wide collar.

Volpino italiano: character

The character of theVolpino italiano he is determined and energetic with a cheerful and playful temperament. Yes, because contrary to what is said of small dogs, often "mangy", the Volpino italiano has a nice character and is very attached to the owners.

He is territorial, attentive and vigilant, but not schematic and knows how to understand when it is a question of the border and when the heart commands. Surprising for his intelligence, and how he knows how to win the sympathy of children.
Strange, having been born to be a guard dog rather than a companion, yet the Volpino italianohe is a versatile dog and so he had to become to be able to adapt and to please.

Today it is liked by families, as a companion dog, but also in aristocratic circles and it is very much theAgility Dog.Curious and affectionate, but also strong and stubborn, the Volpino Italiano it should not be spoiled because it could take advantage of it. He is not bad but he knows his stuff so much is that he does not pretend if he can not stand the presence of those he does not know, but with family members and with those he likes he is full of life, cheerful and affectionate.

Volpino italiano: cures

This dog breed can safely live in the garden or in the house, but mind you, word of it Volpino italiano, that you need to go out often. Open air e human contact and canine, from an early age, also to develop the interpersonal skills of a dog who knows his stuff and it is good to immediately deal with those around him.

From the point of view of physical care the Volpino italiano it does not require special precautions. Not even food, just provide him with modest quantities of meat, rice and vegetables, with measure and balance, as is true for each of us, dog, man, animal. It should be remembered that it tends to overweight.

The cloak, even if it looks like it just came out of a session toilet, it does not require special care, let's say it is a natural gift of Volpino italiano, including candor.

Volpino italiano: sale and price

Aware that it is a very long-lived dog breed, with an average life expectancy of around 14-15 years, we can say that a puppy of Volpino italianocan be found at a price starting from about 600-700 eurosfor a fox tested for major diseases and with mandatory pedigree.

The cost can increase for pedigree refined but should not be suspected if the price is also around 200 euros. Then it depends on the reason why you seek the company of this sweet and candid pet dog now almost by definition, even if born for other purposes. What is certain is that the Volpino italiano, with candor, it is able to conquer even the most perplexed.

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