How to perfume your home in a natural way

How to perfume your home in a natural way

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Bad smells invade your home? If you prefer a home-based alternative to air fresheners for environments that pollute the environment, in this article we will list several effective natural remedies against bad odor at home. These are products that are easily available at home or in the kitchen but otherwise you can find them in any shop or supermarket.

How to perfume home, natural remedies
Vanilla essence
Just put a few drops of vanilla essence in a cotton ball to place in a glass container, without closing it. When the aroma has vanished, repeat the operation with a new cotton swab.

Fruit and herb essence
Here are the ingredients: peel of 3 lemons, peel of 5 oranges, rosemary leaves, mint leaves, 150 ml of water and 150 ml of alcohol.

  1. Put the peels and leaves in a cloth then with the help of a mortar pound them until everything is well ground
  2. Pour the mixture into a bottle with an atomizer with the help of a funnel then pour in the water and alcohol
    With dried flowers
  3. Chop some rose petals together with some eucalyptus, walnut, thyme, myrtle and sage leaves
  4. Mix all the ingredients then put a handful of the mixture into various silk bags
  5. When the aroma fades, add a few drops of alcohol

How to perfume the kitchen
To combat the odors of frying, fish or other, just place a few pots of aromatic plants in the kitchen, such as basil, rosemary or thyme. Alternatively you can use lavender but be careful not to use it in the gastronomic field.

How to perfume the wardrobe
Quince is a fruit particularly suitable for scenting closets: it can stay in closets for a few days but be careful, it must not rot otherwise it attracts insects.

How to make a home fragrance

  • With the remnants of soap
    What do we do with the nearly exhausted bar of soap? We can make a perfume for environments; just reduce the soap into small pieces and arrange them in small cloth or organza bags. We can arrange them in linen drawers, inside wardrobes, etc.
  • With baking soda
    In a bottle, pour half a cup of baking soda and about 10 drops of your favorite essential oils, then make holes in the bottle cap. To make the bottle less unsightly, you can cover it with fabric or ribbons.

How to make a gel perfume
Pour two or three drops of food coloring into a bowl and 30 drops of your favorite essential oil. Boil 300 ml of water in a saucepan then pour a sachet of tasteless gelatin powder. Add another 300 ml of water and 150 grams of salt. Before it cools, pour in the dye and mix well.
How to perfume the car
To make a car air freshener you need a cardboard mold with the design you like best. Cut out the design twice on a cloth and glue it to the cardboard. Pour 10 drops of essential oil on each side then let it dry. Make a hole in the top with a needle so you can pass a string and attach it to the rearview mirror.

Electric essential oil diffusers to perfume the home

As an alternative to DIY, idiffusers for electric essential oilsthey prove to be very effective and practical to perfume the home: the market offers them in different shapes and for every type of need. Some models ofelectric essential oil diffusersthey are correlated with colored lights so as to offer aromatherapy and chromotherapy at the same time. The chromotherapy action is mild but is effective when used in small rooms and with soft lighting, perhaps during a relaxing shower or while taking a bath.

Among the various electric diffusers on the market we recommend the Aukey vaporizer, Essential Oils Diffuser, it is a faux wood diffuser, which has an attractive appearance and an affordable price. In stores, the price of thisessential oil diffuseramounts to 59.99 euros but is offered in promo on Amazon at a price of 29.99 euros. The Aukey is a humidifier and essential oil diffuser with function ultrasound.

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