Viper venom cream

Viper venom cream: where to buy it, how much does it cost, does it really work? Here is all the information on snake venom creams.

A good poison creams viper would be able to:

  • Reduce wrinkles as early as the second week of application.
  • Deliver lasting results.
  • Perform a concentrated action against skin aging.
  • Play a smoothing effect.

Doubts arise when comparing the effects of wrinkle cream based on viper venom to those of botox. On this page we will try to better understand what is true.

There viper venom creamseems to be the last frontier of face and skin care. Thereviper venom creamit is presented as an authentic antidote to the formation of wrinkles. The advertising campaigns ofsnake venom based creamsaffirm that the active ingredients contained in these particular formulations can return effects similar tobotoxbut without any injection. In short, according to the producers viper venom cream would stretch the skin by eliminating wrinkles but does this news correspond to reality? Here's what the experts say about the viper venom cream.

The first wrinkle cream based on viper venom was launched on the market between 2008 and 2009, the active ingredient was developed by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Pentapharm and simulates a protein found in the venom of vipers. The active ingredient in question is called "Syn-Ake ",Pentapharm researchers describe it as an ingredient that relaxes facial muscles to prevent deeper expression lines and smooth out existing wrinkles.

There viper venom cream Does it Really Work Like Botox?

Although presented as an alternative to Botox, the wrinkle cream based on viper venom, even when used long-term, does not return the same results as Botox. A topical cream, however deeply absorbed it may be, cannot effectively inhibit muscle contraction. According to experts, and in particular to dermatologist Dr. Vermen Verallo-Rowell, although the effect is not comparable to that induced by Botox injections, theviper venom creamit has a strong moisturizing action and reduces wrinkles.

Hence, the effect ofviper poison creamsit would not be as marked as the producers want us to believe, but wrinkles would be able to lessen, especially when it comes to shallow wrinkles and prevention.

The skin is programmed to protect us and act as a filter. An active ingredient, however penetrating it may be, for topical use, would never be able to cross the skin and the subcutaneous panniculus and then reach the muscle! Sure, the Syn-Ake molecule would seem to be enough "light " to be able to penetrate through the skin but it is not possible to prove that it can.

Viper venom cream, where to buy it

Even if thewrinkle cream with viper venomhas been on the market for some time, only recently has it arrived on the Italian market.

Where to buy the viper venom cream? In shops specializing in natural beauty products or by taking advantage of online sales. Among the viper venom creams with the best value for money, we point out the Venom Snake face cream day and night proposed on Amazon at a cost of € 14.90 with free shipping.

We remind you that the moleculeSyn-Akeis synthetic, we speak ofviper poison creamsbut within these products there is an active ingredient similar to viper venom but which is not extracted from animals. Those interested in buying a natural cream can aim for snail slime cream, an excellent anti-wrinkle actionregenerative.Other information:snail slime cream.

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