Halitosis, natural remedies

Halitosis, natural remedies and information to combat bad breath. The causes and the care to solve the problem of bad breath.

The causes of bad breath

The causes of bad breath can be different. The most common cause is due to poor oral hygiene. Warning, incorrect oral hygiene does not mean poor oral hygiene! According to the cause, we speak of intra-oral halitosis, extra-oral halitosis and halitosis of the respiratory tract. Breath of the respiratory tract is in turn divided into two other categories, the upper respiratory tract (nasal halitosis) and the lower respiratory tract (gastric halitosis). Intra-oral bad breath is that connected to poor oral hygiene and closely linked to bacterial activity.

L'halitosis extra-oral is related to factors such as metabolic diseases, drug ingestion or systemic diseases. As explained in the article entitled Foods against bad breath, the most common cause of halitosis is excessive bacterial activity: in the oral cavity there are over 600 different types of bacteria and some of these (mostly anaerobic and gram negative bacteria) generate bad odors by operating the proteolytic putrefaction of amino acids containing sulfur . Not only garlic and onions, any food that contains amino acids such as cysteine ​​and methionine can cause bad breath, the same proteins present in saliva can undergo putrefaction causing thehalitosis. As specified, these are mainly anaerobic bacteria, which is why the problem of bad breath is accentuated in the morning: the activity of these bacteria is favored by the lack of oxygen that characterizes the oral cavity at night (while we sleep, from our mouth can less oxygen!).

Halitosis, natural remedies

Remedies for bad breath: in 90% of cases the bad breath is intra-oral. In this context inatural remediesconsist in a greater care of the oral cavity. The bacterial activity that causes bad breathit is usually localized on the tongue. Bacteria that proliferate on the tongue produce foul-smelling compounds and fatty acids from anything: food residues, dead skin cells, other bacteria ... Disgust rises when you learn that these bacteria can give off the same compounds that cause the bad smell of rotten eggs (methyl mercaptan, hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl sulphide ...), that's why thehalitosismust be taken care of thoroughly: if necessary, do not hesitate to ask for the opinion of your trusted dentist who will certainly be able to help you best.

It has been shown that those suffering from halitosis have a much more intense bacterial activity on the back of the tongue. Intense bacterial activity that causes bad breath can also be hidden between the gums and in the sublingual area. Others natural remedies are available in the article dedicated toDo-it-yourself remedies for bad breath.

The tongue cleaner, natural remedy against thehalitosis

Betweennatural remedies for bad breaththerefore, we would like to point out a careful cleaning of the tongue and gums. Cleaning must be meticulous (also practiced with dental floss), designed to remove not only food residues but also dead cells and the bacteria themselves. In Ayurvedic medicine the use of anettalingua, a tool created specifically for cleaning the tongue. The tongue cleaner is not very difficult to find: a dentek tongue cleaner is offered online at a price of € 5.19. For all information, I refer you to the official product page: Clean language Comfort Clean.

Dental floss, natural remedy against thehalitosis

The use of dental floss is necessary to nip the bacterial activity localized between the gums. Using dental floss can be painful, especially for the first few times. Use it gently and do not be discouraged: the gum cracks are those small grooves between teeth and gums and it has been clinically proven that often the bad smell is dictated by the waste products (coming from anaerobic bacterial activity) that have accumulated under the margin gingival.

Cleaning the teeth, a natural remedy for bad breath

How often do you go to the dentist? Do you remember to do the right dental cleaning? Dental cleaning performed by the dentist can be a good start to solve the problem of bad breath.

Bad breath and white tongue

Warning!L'halitosisand the bacterial activity just described has nothing to do with white tongue. Bacteria are invisible to the naked eye, and white tongue coating is very common both in the presence and absence of halitosis. In medicine, in general, the white tongue can indicate various conditions and is not necessarily connected with halitosis.

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