How to save with laundry

How to save with laundry

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How to save with laundry? Not that the washing machine is the first item of expenditure in the household budget (there are probably other priorities), but some tricks can save us a few euros. And it helps the environment. Because let's not forget that the water, detergents and electricity consumed to do the laundry also have an impact on the planet we live on.

Here then how to save money by doing laundry in the washing machine, without adding effort to what this not very pleasant operation already entails.

How to save money with laundry: tips

First of all, we avoid the prewash, which is only needed if the laundry is extremely dirty. Then we make the most of the basket load, without overloading it. A half-empty drum is wasteful, one that is too full does not produce good washing results and stresses the motor of the washing machine.

Then there is the consumption of electricity. And by using the washing machine, which is one of the most energy-intensive appliances, you can do quite a lot energy saving. To get an idea: with an electrical consumption of about 0.2 kWh the water is heated to 30 ° C. To reach 40 ° C it consumes about double, to reach 60 ° C almost five times and to reach 90 ° C up to ten times more.

It follows that: doing laundry in the washing machine at a low temperature saves a lot of electricity. And considering that safe hygiene is achieved even at 60 ° C, there are really no reasons to do laundry at 90 ° C.

We also consider that: garments that can withstand laundry at 60 ° C can be safely washed even at 40 ° C if they are not very dirty. This applies for example to the cotton vests that you change every day and to the towels used to dry your hands. Washing at a lower temperature you save electricity and even the fabrics last longer.

We become smarter in using the washing machine. For example: instead of using the 60 ° C cotton program to wash lightly soiled undershirts, underwear and towels and tablecloths, we set the 60 ° C program for synthetic or mixed fabrics. The difference is a shorter wash cycle duration and less mechanical movement (energy saving), but in the end the result is the same.

A rule of how to save with laundry is to use the dryer as little as possible (some washing machines are equipped with): it consumes a lot of electricity and the laundry is better if it dries in the air. But if you really don't want to give it up, let's do a good spin first to shorten the drying times.

Detergents chapter. We use an ecological detergent, suitable for the type of laundry and in the right amount (which is always a little less than that written on the product packaging). Good results are obtained even with little detergent and it pollutes less. In the case of heavily soiled fabrics, it is useful to soak before washing or to remove stains from the fabrics; this too with ecological products.

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