Interview with Misya: food blogger queen of taste

Today I propose ainterview with Misya, food blogger that proposes tasty recipes mixing simple ingredients and a Km zero with stories of life for a cuisine that is fun and well-being. Misya she loves cooking with children and showing them how much fun it is to “make tasty pies together”. Flavia Imperatore, this greedy, gourmet and attentive blogger, tells us about her space of “good and infallible” recipes.

To get to know her better and discover her recipes, you can browse her food blog But tasting is better.

1) How and when did your interest in cooking start? And Misya's space?

My passion for cooking it is quite recent. A couple of years before getting married I approached the cookers to take care of my future family also on the "kitchen front". I started preparing something new every day, transcribing everything on a virtual diary, a blog. Which today is Misya. I was fascinated by the idea of ​​being useful to those who, like me, were beginners and wanted to try their hand at cooking. I never stopped, I continue to experiment with new dishes to bring to the table for amaze my family, dishes that I readily annotate, photograph and transcribe for Misya

2) What does cooking and telling recipes about Misya mean for you today?

All of this is of enormous value to me. Misya it is not a simple recipe book but a cooking and life diary. I write down the recipes and tell what happens to me: talking about the dish I just tasted at the restaurant rather than my daughter's first day of school, the arrival of our kitten or the wave of flu that knocked out the whole family. I like it in Misya tie the dishes to my split of life, my family is at the center of everything.

3) With what criteria do you choose the ingredients for Misya's recipes?

Everything changed when I became mum. I started to reproduce pre-packaged foods at home, to buy organic and zero km food and to decrease the use of refined flours. InMisya I use seasonal ingredients that are as traceable as possible, alternating the “common” ones with something more particular or exotic, maybe souvenirs of some travel.

Food blogger Misya in her kitchen

4) A favorite dessert recipe from Misya?

The typical question of a sweet tooth… right? The recipe of the Apple pie is the one that reminds me most of my childhood. My mom used to prepare it for the whole family, so I would say it's mine sweet recipe favorite, mine comfort food for excellence. And of Misya, obviously.

5) And what does Misya recommend about salty?

Too difficult to choose! I would say my favorite savory recipe is the Pizza. Trivial for a Neapolitan like me, e Misya, but I assure you it's the only thing I really can't resist.

6) Children and Misya together in the kitchen: any suggestions for educating while having fun?

Since I was a mother I have discovered that by playing with shapes and colors we can always prepare new dishes and combinations that will intrigue the little tasters of trust of Misya. You can make them want to try new dishes without hesitation but with a lot of curiosity. With Misya I managed to make my daughter eat with pleasure, all those vegetables that children usually hate. A real miracle for us mothers! And then I admit it: I have a lot of fun cooking with her, we do a lot of greedy pies.

7) There is a lot of talk about "food of the future", for Misya, how will it be for you? Fears?

The greatest fear of Misya for the food of the future are refined and often chemically treated products. Me in my small, with Misya, I chose to buy mainly organic food, preferring seasonality and the products of direct growers that I trust. I know it's a utopia, but with Misya I wish the food of the safe was safe and above all accessible for all.

For those who want a video taste of the super food bloggerMisya, there he is. Immediate mouth watering, attention!

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Video: Misua with Meatballs almondigas, mee sua, miswa (January 2022).