Dwarf German Spitz

Dwarf German Spitz

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Dwarf German Spitz, also called, in Italy, Volpino di Pomerania, evidently comes from Germany and is a breed officially recognized as belonging to the group of spitz type dogs. Or primitive, if you prefer.

Being dwarf, we travel on a height of approx 20 cm, under 18 do not talk about it, with a very voluminous hair they do of dwarf german spitz small fluffy and very intelligent animal. With his cute eyes, then, he can only conquer.

Dwarf German Spitz: origin

It hides a record, this soft little dog: it dwarf german spitz it is the oldest breed in central Europe. It is in fact a direct descendant of Canis familiaris palustris rutimeyer, an animal that hung out in the peat bogs at the time of the Stone Age. Let alone, who beats him?

Since those times it has evolved and spread in various areas of Europe and not where it has been renamed with other names other than "dwarf german spitz". In Italy, Volpino di Pomerania or Tedesco, in France Loulou and in Britain as Pomeranian.

Tornado in Germany, there the dwarf is also accompanied by other varieties of spitz. In addition to ZwergspitzDwarf German Spitz in the native language - there are the Small German Spitz (Kleinspitz), the Middle German Spitz (Mittelspitz), the Great German Spitz (Deutscher Grossspizt) and even the Giant German Spitz (Wolfspitz).

Dwarf German Spitz: appearance

Nano is nano it dwarf german spitz which must measure a maximum of 22 cm, at the withers, otherwise it is no longer dwarf. But it is small, up to about 26, or medium, up to 34, otherwise we are on the large size, around 50 cm or less. On the contrary, below 18 cm is not considered.

The trunk of the dwarf german spitz it is compact but well proportioned, it shows a considerable musculature despite its small size, without becoming exaggerated, canine bodybuilder style. It is no coincidence that we Italians call this dog "volpino" because the face of the dwarf german spitz it is really similar to that of a fox, the muzzle is elongated and tapers to the nose, black, always.

The ears are small, pointed and triangular in shape, the almond-shaped and lively eyes, lively and lively, just like a fox. Another feature of the dwarf german spitz it is the tail that is always and must always be carried rolled up over the back while he marches loose with his classic slightly elastic but good drive.

Dwarf German Spitz: cloak

The hair of the dwarf german spitz it is very, very smooth and soft, thanks also to the rich undercoat. Around the neck, then, the hair is so dense that it creates a soft collar, even the tail has a thick plume. The hair of the dwarf german spitz it is practically double: above, the "covering" one is long, straight and open, then below is the short one, thick and muffled.

The coat is not homogeneous but the head and ears have a short and velvety hair while on the rest of the body the hair is long and abundant, never wavy, neither curled nor shaggy. Apart from the mane, another characteristic of the coat is a sort of rump that is created on the hind limbs, a coulotte, and then the "bow" on the tail.

All colors are allowed for it dwarf german spitz - black, brown, white, orange, wolf gray and other colors - while for other spitz sizes there are limitations. For the large spitz there are only black, brown and white, for the medium, the orange, wolf gray and other colors are added and there is a good variety for the small one.

White Dwarf German Spitz

The dwarf german spitz White it is pure white and very particular. It almost seems like a vision. His is pure white, without shadows, without spots. Forget those yellowish streaks that are often found on the ears in other breeds that are said to be white. The white dwarf german spitz it's white.

For the other colors, the rule of color homogeneity is similar, for brown, for example, and also for orange, which takes on a uniformly distributed medium tone color. As for the other colors allowed for it dwarf german spitz, it goes from cream or cream-sable, to orange-sable, or to tan or striped. For it dwarf german spitz tan or streaked means specimens with a white coat and black, brown, gray or orange spots distributed over the whole body.

German dwarf Spitz: character

With your master it dwarf german spitz he is incredibly affectionate and loving, cheerful, lively and outgoing. But if a stranger arrives, change immediately and do it Reserved, stands on his own enough to look like a whole other dog.

In general, if you set it up, it will dwarf german spitz he is jovial and that is why his main role is that of a companion dog and an apartment. Especially for the perfect size to find a place in a parlor of respectable ladies. Or even in a cheerful family with young children, because with children it's great. He is intelligent and docile, easily trained and obedient, neither fearful nor aggressive.

Dwarf German Spitz: price

The price for a puppy of dwarf german spitz it can go from 200 to 700 euros. It depends on the pedigree and the coloring, but certainly it is better not to go below a certain price. As for the care of this dog, it does not require any particular.

It should be kept a stint because it tends to'obesity, but he is a very robust dog and does not usually have any particular health problems. It shouldn't make you suffer from ailments dwarf german spitzon the contrary, bad weather and cold do not scare him at all. At most you can always think of funny coat, for him, or for her.

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