Afghan hound: price and character

Afghan hound: price and character

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Afghan hound, known Afghan hound, Lévrier afghan is called "Tazi”, Which means“ Arabic ”. It is a breed of ancient Afghan origin recognized by the FCI as belonging to the group of greyhounds. Perhaps he is better known as a dog than the Barbie who had an Afghan hound by his side, or we have noticed him on board the 'Noah's Ark who was carrying them, legend tells about two specimens. Obviously two.

Afghan hound: history

It is traced back to 1000 BC but from Afghan hound some traces of it can already be seen in the graffiti dating back to 2000 BC. and it is mentioned in an even older Egyptian papyrus. One thing is certain: it was born as a hunting dog, like all its fellow greyhounds, even if it is now a companion and show dog.

In the past the Afghan hound specialized in gazelles and other large mammals of north-east Africa, he arrived in Europe together with British soldiers, however, and we chasing a prey, they brought him to the continent returning from Anglo-Afghan Wars.

Of the north Africa the Afghan hound it brings many memories, including some feline touches in the gait, in the ambushes, in the running and in the footprints that still remember the felines of which it is a fellow citizen.

Afghan hound: appearance

The Afghan hound it is a large animal: it is not just an effect of the hair, the males range from 68 to 74 cm and the females from 63 to 69 cm. He has a slim physique, silky coat and long and a light and classy physique. The skull is well proportioned and is recognizable above all for its long tuft but also for the snout that accompanies it: long and pointed, with a black nose black. At the extreme end of his great physique is the tail, always strictly with a ring at the end.

The typical expression of Afghan hound he has something exotic and oriental, he is in general a very showy dog ​​and if you observe him he will return you with a direct and scrutinizing look. The coat is long, throughout the second half of the twentieth century, selection after selection, everything was done to keep it longer, even if stripping is done on the back for aesthetics.

Afghan Hound Oyster

In the standard of Afghan hound all colors are allowed, the most common are golden blond, cream or fawn with dark mask and black but they also exist brindle varieties. Then there are the rarer colors and the specimens of Afghan hound so they are highly sought after and prized. They are called Oyster (Mother of Pearl).

The Afghan Hound Oyster is unmasked, has a clear face and a silver-gray rump, the white coat and ears with shades ranging from ivory to hazelnut. This variety is now selected by very few breeders around the world, which is why having one can mean facing an expense of 5 thousand euros.

Afghan Hound: Care and Training

Of health, as well as in fact, the Afghan hound it looks like a robust dog, in general it does not often have health problems or even hereditary diseases, it can live on average 12-13 years. To be educated is a big head, he wants to keep his independence and his hunting streak also appears, sometimes suddenly, with impulsive escapes. For this it must be supervised.

The hair does not require much care, indeed, the Afghan hound it does not stink, because it does not sweat, and never sheds its hair and sheds only in life: let's give it to it. When it passes from the hair of the wadded puppy and compact with a long silky coat.

His current activities are those of companion or exhibition dog, at most amateur races, both on the track and in the specialty of coursing. It is preferable to keep it warm, at home, especially in winter: the Afghan hound because he suffers particularly from the cold.

Afghan hound: character

Suffers from the cold but is not cold at all, the Afghan hound, although at times it may even seem so. His appearance does not help him, he has a haughty and elegant gait, a proud and generous temperament. There might also be some envious, because he is actually a very dog intelligent and curious, of great sensitivity and capable of an immoderate affection towards the master.

In his company, he also lets himself go to one unsuspected vitality and with outbursts of joy, but with strangers, no, never. He is very reserved, he's a bit aristocrat, he uses it as a mask but he is never aggressive and with children, strangers or not, he does and is a great friend.

Afghan hound: price

Beautiful and not very widespread, we have seen that those of the variant Oyster have a price of almost 5 thousand euros but the specimens ofAfghan hound in general, however, they cost a lot. At least half, at least 2500 euros. The price is this, and it is the reason why it is considered an elite dog and it is not even so widespread considering how much it could be if ...

Afghan hound: video

For those who cannot afford it live, or for those who intend to take one and want to start getting their eyes on it, here is the Afghan hound. This nice video also contains more information about the breed.

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