Mother tincture of calendula

Mother tincture of calendula

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Mother tincture of calendula: properties, uses, where to find it and tips to make the most of its benefits.

Theremarigold, botanically calledcalendula officinalis, is a flower with interesting properties. The precious flower belongs to the Asteraceae family, finds ample space in various industrial sectors and for its many beneficial virtues it is used in homeopathy in the form of creams and ointments, tinctures and oils.

Theremother tincture of calendulait is mainly used to relieve inflammation of the mucous membranes, to soothe intimate itching or as a simple mouthwash for oral hygiene. Theremother tincture of calendulait is recommended to regularize the birth or to favor its appearance in the post-partum period. Theremother tincture of calendulawould be able to regularize the menstrual cycle thanks to his active principles with estrogenic and hormone-regulating properties.

The anti-inflammatory properties of themother tincture of calendulathey would be associated with the bactericidal action carried out by flavonoids and saponins compounds that would be effective against some streptococci, candida albicans (to treat candida), staphilococcus aureus and trichomonas.

In case of redness, rather than employing themother tincture of calendula, we recommend the use of an ointment based on extracts of marigold however, if you don't have it at home, you can proceed with a compress: just take gauze soaked in mother tincture of calendula (previously diluted in water) and place them on the area to be treated. In this context, the mother tincture of calendula it would also be effective for cleaning small superficial wounds.

The properties of the mother tincture of calendula

Theretinctureis a hydroalcoholic liquid extract obtained, for therapeutic purposes, from various medicinal plants. In simple terms it is a solution composed of alcohol and distilled water in which it is possible to find all the active ingredients extracted from the plant. Theremother tincture of calendulait is not the only popular extract in homeopathy, the mother tinctures of mountain arnica, echinacea, ribes nigrum, sage, dandelion and lavender are also very popular for their virtues.

Theremother tincture of calendulaprepares from the flowers ofcalendula Officinalisand it is popular, among other things, for its antispasmodic properties and for its estrogenic action.

Besides for external use, the properties of the mother tincture of calendula come in handy with hiring. The use of the mother tincture of calendula, among other things, it is recommended in case of inflammatory disorders of the digestive system such as ulcers, colitis and gastritis.

In summary, the mother tincture of calendula can be used for:

  • Regulates the menstrual cycle
    it increases scanty periods and decreases heavy ones.
  • It acts as an immunostimulant
  • It has a local anti-inflammatory and anti-redness action
    excellent for natural skin care, it has an anti-redness, anti-acne action and is a good natural remedy against chilblains.
  • Indicated to treat skin rashes
    ideal for treating diaper rash in newborns.
  • Soothing and healing properties
    the soothing and healing properties are useful for the treatment of minor wounds and classic post-partum stretch marks.
  • Protects the skin
    Thanks to the presence of carotenes, the tincture marigold mother it is used to protect the skin from sun damage (sun spots, sunburn…).
  • Used as a disinfectant
    It is a mild disinfectant. In post pregnancy, the mother tincture of calendula it can be used to disinfect the umbilical cord stump of the newborn.

Where to buy calendula mother tincture

It is possible to buy the mother tincture of calendula in herbalist's or in shops specialized in the sale of homeopathic products. You can also find it in some pharmacies or online shops.

The marigold, crops and properties

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