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Petsfestival: the pet fair

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UPDATE: Read our new article on PetsFestival 2019

Petsfestival means animals in the center. The motto is in fact “teach a child to take care of an animal and you will have planted the seed for a better humanity”. To take this path towards a future in which every day is a bit of a "Petsfestival”You can participate in this national pet fair on 17/18 October at Piacenza Expo.

Marco Rosetti tells us what we can find there and why the Petsfestival it is not just any fair.

1) When and how did the idea of ​​the Petsfestival as a pet fair come about?

The idea ofPetsfestival was born in 2012 to try to fill a huge void that existed in the sector of pets. We haven't invented anything new, with Petsfestival, but surely we have made available a professionalism that was not there before and that, without sin of presumption, today belongs only to us and very few others. With Petsfestival professionals in the pet sector have the opportunity to give a service of the highest quality to both exhibitors and visitors. The numbers of Petsfestival they prove it, as demonstrated by the satisfaction of both exhibitors and the public.

2) What is special about the Petsfestival compared to any other pet fair?

Certainly in Petsfestival there is greater professionalism, it is a quality event and also of dimensions that have no equal. The number of visitors to Petsfestivalin addition, it is very high: about 30,000 last year and 25,000 in 2013. In each Petsfestival everything is meticulously cared for in detail, not only in terms of animal welfare, but also in terms of presentation and marketing of the fair itself.

3) What values ​​and messages does the Petsfestival want to convey? Like ?

The slogan of the Petsfestival is "Teach a child to care for an animal and you will have planted the seed for a better humanity". We strongly believe in this concept! We invite all exhibitors of Petsfestival to do teaching first, and then to sell or buy a pet. Many industry associations present in Petsfestival they hold seminars, courses, live staging. In the dogs and cats area professional breeders they are not there to sell puppies is prohibited by the regulation - but to make the breed they breed better known, available to the many questions Petsfestival. Also in the area of ​​the shows of dogs, cats and horses, expert speakers explain to the public the various disciplines that follow one another and the animal is always at the center.

4) In which areas is the Petsfestival divided?

The areas of the Petsfestival I'm: Aquariums, Dogs, Cats, Small pets, Horses and there will also be an area dedicated to fat plants and orchids with very rare and sought-after pieces. There is everything to Petsfestival: any animal, from the stick insect to the rare one Sardinian white donkey and for everyone there are equipment, gadgets and various feeds. In addition to the exhibition area, there are those for shows and exhibitions of dogdance, sheepdog, discdog, parades, western riding competitions and horse gymnastics and other shows with horses. They will not miss a Petsfestival falconers and they too will create an educational area.

5) What can you buy at the Petsfestival?

Animals only in the aquarium area e small pets, will not be found for sale at Petsfestival instead puppies of dogs or cats because it doesn't have to be the Petfestival an impulsive purchase vehicle for these animals that certainly require more thoughtful decisions and a more important commitment. On the other hand, there is the possibility of obtaining information from professional, recognized breeders ENCI, ANFI or AFEF and possibly book future litters. In addition to animals, you can buy everything: from simple food, to pillows, up to many various gadgets such as mugs or t-shirts, jewels, paintings, aloe vera, supplements, shampoos, leashes and much more.

6) How are animal farms present?

To the Petsfestival the breeders exhibit and explain, the public can pet the dog of their dreams or the cat they have always wanted before buying it and get all the advice on the matter. This is an "invention" of Petsfestival: before Petsfestival this approach had not yet been considered.

7) A few numbers of Petsfestival participation and how to participate

About 300 exhibitors this year and about 30,000 visitors in the 2014 edition that we plan to exceed this year by a lot. 20,000 square meters of exhibition space on 3 pavilions. Petsfestival has an entire covered pavilion of about 3,000 square meters entirely dedicated to horses where they will perform in competitions and shows. On our site you can find all the information for visitors and exhibitors, as well as the programs for the 2 days of the event. We are sure you will date a great one smile on his lips.

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