Natural wellness and vegan world

Natural Wellness is Vegan world are at the center of the second edition of Modena Benessere, the festival dedicated to the world of bio-natural holistic disciplines which, this year (Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 November), opens its doors to the VEG philosophy.

A natural encounter between two neighboring worlds with increasing interaction. Especially because that vegan it is a lifestyle that is gaining more and more space in Italy and in the rest of the world. Hand in hand with the growth of the community of those who renounce any animal-derived product. Growth that, not by chance, is accentuated among the people who attach importance to Natural Wellness.

We said 'lifestyle' because the veganism it is just that. It is true that it was born in the English kitchens of the 1940s, it is true that at the beginning it was above all a food trend made up of a vegetarianism 'completely' devoid of animal products, but today VEG It has evolved. And it has become a philosophy of life based on the rejection of all forms of animal exploitation (cruelty free) in food and in any other area.

Here then is that Modena Wellness Festival it becomes VEG. With an exclusive area dedicated to the display of vegan products and services (food, clothing, home and person), a veggie restaurant to experience a vegan menu from A to Z, and an area where you can get to know chefs and authors of important publications on the vegan theme.

Even as a VEG, Modena Wellness is confirmed on Natural Wellness Festival. And also in the second edition it presents a rich offer of theoretical insights and practical experiments on holistic disciplines is bio-natural. Accompanied by the exhibition and sale of products and services in the sector: from cosmetics to wellness tourism, from clothing to ecological and environmentally friendly accessories for the home and personal care.

Among the things not to be missed Modena Wellness Festival 2015, the stage of The China Study Tour (Saturday 14 November), the meeting with the Israeli doctor Nader Butto, founder of 'Integrative Unifying Medicine' (Sunday 15) and the presentation of the latest book by Enzo Braschi 'The secret knowledge of the American Indians' (Saturday at 2 pm with the author).

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