Dynamic and static sprinklers, which one to choose

Dynamic and static sprinklers, which one to choose

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Dynamic and static sprinklers: choosing the right sprinkler for your green space plays a fundamental role in the care of any vegetable garden or garden, large or small. Install the right irrigation system it entails several advantages from a technical-functional point of view since many of these devices differ in many points of view.

What type of sprinkler to use? There are two types of self-elevating underground sprinklers: static and dynamic ones.

The static sprinklers they are equipped with one or more nozzles, with natural rain or pulverized jets. They offer excellent performance with normal domestic pressures. They can be of two types: with fixed or variable angle; those with fixed angles in general are 90, 180 and 360 °. Some models are equipped with manual angle adjustment, generally between 20 ° and 360 °: this angle may vary depending on the type and brand.
In underground irrigation systems, the systems are installed at ground level and come out only when the lawn is irrigated: this allows you to have free access to the garden without having to have pipes in the way.

The dynamic sprinklers they are equipped with a water outlet nozzle and a pop-up cylinder that rotates on itself that allows them to deliver the water jet. Dynamic models are also equipped with a rotation angle adjuster. For example, it is possible to irrigate an angle of 220 °: in this case the regulator, once it reaches the two hundred and twentieth degree, will carry out the path in the opposite direction and therefore will return to the starting point.

Difference between dynamic and static sprinklers

The water range is much lower in static systems; they have a range below 5 meters. The most modern dynamic systems, on the other hand, even reach up to 30 meters, thus adapting to the irrigation of large lawns and green spaces.

Another difference is given by the sprinkling intensity of the static systems which is much higher than the dynamic ones. The operating pressure is also different and does not exceed 3 bar in static sprinklers.

Dynamic and static sprinklers, which one to choose

There is no fixed rule for choosing the right sprinkler for your needs. In general, dynamic sprinklers are preferred to irrigate free and rather large surfaces; static ones to irrigate smaller, uneven surfaces with obstacles.

Keep in mind that dynamic sprinklers have a higher price than static ones. In any case, remember not to install static and dynamic sprinklers on the same line. The use time of dynamic sprinklers, with the same water per square meter, is significantly lower.

Example demonstration: for a lawn area with a delivery time of 15 minutes, a static dispenser will supply a certain amount of water continuously. A dynamic dispenser, on the other hand, will supply that same area with the water that will fall into it only when the jet passes over it, therefore much less.
In summary, for that surface, to have more or less the same amount of water, the delivery time with a dynamic sprinkler should be about 4 times longer than a static sprinkler.

Dynamic and static sprinklers, advice on installation

  • Before proceeding with the purchase, carefully evaluate the project as once buried, your system will be difficult to modify.
  • Before installing the device, do the tests above ground: buy the pipes and everything you need, lay the pipes on the lawn without digging, preferably without cutting them and helping yourself with pegs.
    Observe your system at work for a few days. This will make it easier to make changes.
  • After you have decided what your irrigation system will look like, you can start digging: the ideal depth is about 20, 30cm. A good depth will allow you to work the earth safely without any damage to the system due to milling, hoeing, spade blows ... .. it will also protect the pipe from freezing.

Build a DIY underground irrigation system

An automatic sprinkler system can be DIY built by following the design tips seen above. For a more detailed study we recommend reading the DIY articles:

  • Design an automatic irrigation system
  • Build an underground irrigation system

Among the best products to install an automatic irrigation system we point out:

Hunter Retractable Sprinkler
Professional irrigation system that includes a set of nozzles for firing ranges from at least 4.6 meters up to a maximum of 11.30 m. The price is € 15.19, offered on Amazon.

PGP ADJ turbine sprinkler - dynamic
It is a cheaper set, in fact 12 nozzles can be bought at a price of 18.49 euros. The distance of the jet is from 6.7 meters up to 15.9 meters.