Micellar water, this is how it works

Micellar water, this is how it works

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Micellar water: properties, ingredients, what is it and ... does it really work? All information onmicellar water and on the best products on the market.

L'micellar waterhas been on the market for several years already, but has only recently been making itself known. In 2012, the exceptional testimonial ofmicellar waterof the Bioderma Crealine H2O line were singer Kylie Minogue and actress and supermodel Gemma Ward. Celebrities aside, themicellar waterdoes it really work?

What is micellar water?

L'micellar water it is thermal water characterized by the addition of compounds called "micelles". The micelles are aggregates of molecules with surfactant properties, capable of incorporating facial impurities within them. L'micellar water is suitable for facial cleansing for all skin types: dry, oily or combination skin.

How does micellar water work?

To understand why themicellar water is a good ally of cleansing the face, it will be necessary to see which are theproperty and the molecular characteristics of the basic constituents ofmicellar water, the micelles.

L'micellar waterexploits the surfactant properties of amphipathic molecules. An amphipathic molecule is characterized by a grouphydrophilic(water lover and therefore that attracts water) and a hydrophobic pole (lipoliphus, that is, it repels water). In this case, the end of the molecule that attracts the water is called the head and the end that repels the water is called the tail. We have just described (in very small terms) the basic structure of what aremicelles.

How many of you have studied biology at school?
Do you know how the cell membrane is made? If you have ever heard of the phospholipid double sheet you are already well advanced! Here, the micelles they are a kind of sphere given by a single piece of paper.

The micellesthey can be imagined as spheres where the hydrophilic heads are turned towards the water (outside) while the lipophilic tails are turned inside to create a hydrophobic core. The molecules that make up the micelles ofmicellar waterare esters of fatty acids.

Themicelles, by their nature, they are able toto trapand "incorporate" what we have on the skin: make-up, dust, polluting particles ... This is why themicellar watercan be described as an excellent make-up remover, suitable for all skin types. L'micellar water, on the one hand it cleanses and on the other tones the skin. Another advantage is that much of themicellar waterspresent on the market do not have added fragrances, so they are more respectful for the skin. In any case, I recommend that you always read the label before purchasing.

Where to buy micellar water?

It has been since 2007 that themicellar water it is easily available on the market. In hypermarkets, just go to the department dedicated to face cleaning to find different types ofmicellar water. Alternatively it is possible to buymicellar waterwith the sale on the web. To give an example, I refer you to the Amazon page: "Garnier Skin Naturals - Micellar water".

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