How to clean shoes

How to clean shoes

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How to clean shoeshere is a series of home remedies and ready to use for cleaning and polishing shoes with products that are easy to find at home.

If yoursshoesthey look old and unkempt, you don't necessarily have to throw them away. It's possibleclean shoesand literally refurbish them.

Clean your shoes guyconverseit's simple, just a brush, some baking soda and lots of elbow grease. But when the shoes are not made of fabric, understanding how to clean them is not so straightforward. On this page we will seehow to clean and polish shoeswhich we usually deliver to the shoemaker; let's talk about cleaningshoesdu leather, leather shoes, suede shoes, lacquered and shiny shoes. All tips forclean and polish shoeswith home remedies and DIY.

How to clean suede shoes

Clean the suede shoes. On the market there is no shortage of specific sponges to clean the suede. These sponges do nothing but eliminate the dirtiest and most external layer of the fabric. You can decide to buy a sponge or you can use a nail file to pass very gently on chamois to clean. Moisten the suede before treatment.

How to clean leather shoes

There is no shortage of home remedies for the correct cleaning of leather. Take a toothbrush soaked in a 2: 1 mixture of water and white wine vinegar. The dirt will disappear. Thishome remedyit also serves to polish the leather.

How to polish shoes

Lacquered shoes with a shiny surface certainly don't go unnoticed, but what happens with wear? The shoe tends to become opaque and lose the lacquered effect. To polish this type of shoe, just take a cotton swab and petroleum jelly. Rub the petroleum jelly into the area to be polished.

How to clean and polish leather and leather shoes

If you have an old pair of leather or leather shoes, you can clean and polish them by rubbing a soft, clean cloth over the entire surface. After removing dust and debris, just use a napkin to rub in some moisturizer. This grandmother's remedy is very useful for recovery old shoes unkempt.

How to get rid of the smell of shoes

Clean your shoes it also means having to deal with bad smells. To get rid of the stench from shoes, just sprinkle a handful of baking soda into your shoes. This remedy is excellent for combating bad smells from sneakers: add baking soda after each use, then, before wearing them, shake your shoes well and remove the dust.

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