DIY fabric stain remover

OneDIY fabric stain removerit can come in very handy when you're short on time and want a quick fix to get rid of a stain quickly.

When industrial chemistry was still a distant scenario, housewives made do as they could, and to eliminate stains in a short time they resorted to natural stain removers, ready for use. Even if it's not as aggressive as one professional stain remover, stain removers for fabrics do-it-yourself they should also be used with caution on those extremely delicate fabrics such as silk and organza.

At home it is difficult to prepare oneDIY fabric stain removerby combining several natural ingredients, many of the substances we know are immiscible with each other and in the absence of a binding agent their combined use becomes almost impossible. Before using theDIY fabric stain removeryou prepare, remember to shake the bottle for a long time.

DIY fabric stain remover # 1

2 parts of distilled water
1 part hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide)
1 part sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate)

Combine all the ingredients in a spray bottle. Mix well and use it to remove stains, pre-treat fabrics or add it to the washing machine load. To remove stains, you can add the product to the affected area, leave it to act for 5 minutes and then soak the garment in water for 30 minutes before washing.

Do not prepare large doses of this stain remover because if stored for a long time it loses its effectiveness.

DIY fabric stain remover # 2

1 part liquid dish detergent
2 parts hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide)

Mix the ingredients and pour them directly onto the stain. This stain remover is excellent for pre-treating any type of stain, even the most stubborn (tire grease, blood, sweat stains and deodorant…).

DIY fabric stain remover # 3

1 part of dish soap
1/2 part of ammonia
1/3 of baking soda
2 parts of hot water

This is a very powerful DIY stain remover. Spray the solution on the stain, wait 2 minutes, wash with plenty of hot water.

DIY fabric stain remover # 4

1 part of fabric softener
1 part of white wine vinegar
1 part of hot water

Spray the solution on the stain to be treated. Wash the garment as usual.

Natural stain remover

In addition to DIY stain removers, for remove stains we can use natural ingredients. White vinegar is useful against ink stains and coca cola stains. Lemon juice can help us pretreat fruit stained fabrics, rust stains or limescale. Black soap is a perfect natural stain remover and can remove any stains. Sodium percarbonate is great for making white fabrics shine.

Stain remover for upholstery, cars, carpets and rugs

In case of stains that are difficult to remove on washable surfaces, we can use the classic stain removers on the market. These are ready-to-use professional stain removers such as the Rug Doctor Oxy Power and the Rug Doctor - Anti-odor stain remover (perfect if there are animals in the house or to eliminate bad smells from carpets and rugs). Both products are offered on Amazon at a price of € 14.37 with free shipping.

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