Fox Terrier: character and price

Fox Terrier: character and price

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Fox Terrier, one name, two breeds, which are distinguished by their fur, but two breeds are. Here they are grouped under the name "Fox Terrier ", clearly for their great ability to hunt and flush out foxes even if, in history, they have also had to deal with rats. The Fox Terrier, indeed, i Fox Terrier, they are dogs without stink under their noses, and they have lent themselves, thus remaining in the good graces of their English masters.

The breed standard was drawn up in 1876, with a distinct description of one and the other breed according to the coat. Let's reveal them immediately. One is that of Smooth-coated Fox Terrier, whose original name Smooth Fox Terrier. Then there is the Coarse-haired Fox Terrier said Wire Fox Terrier. Which one to prefer between the two? A matter of tact, and tact, I will not reveal which one I would caress more.

Fox Terrier: history

The Fox Terrier it is a very old breed, according to the Kennel Club which can be trusted, the name derives from the Latin "terra". This is to be understood as an underlining of the fact that these are dogs that had the purpose of working "on the ground". Going hunting, for example, as everyone knows can do Fox Terrier, hunting down the prey, "fox" in the first place, but not only.

It would appear that the Fox Terrier was already known at the time of Pliny the Elder but officially we find it described for the first time by Dr Caius, a Cambridge professor, years and years later. The Fox Terrier, in its double version, is one of the progenitors of all the Terriers of the group that we can meet today, at the beginning of the 1900s the distinction by type of hair did not yet exist, and everything was more comfortable.

Now there is, and there are really two distinct standards for the two Fox Terrier: smooth and rough. However, both owe their origin to England, both were the dogs chosen to track down the fox from the lair, skills that the specimens still have today, whether they exercise it or not. I think seeing them in action can make an impression: they go through the den, find the fox and threaten it, frightening it so as to make it flee into the open. Then, the hunter's business: his share, the Fox Terrier, he did it.

Fox Terrier: appearance

At the withers i Fox Terrier they have a height of about 40 cm, corresponding to a weight, if fit, of about 8 kg or a little more. This applies to the males, the females are smaller and smaller, but still identically able to track down foxes and satisfy affectionate owners, indeed!

The Fox Terrier it is not a large dog, the bone is robust and its evident strength is concentrated in a small volume. You will never, ever see it clumsy or coarse, whether it is coarse or smooth: the Fox Terrier it is lively but elegant and agile.

The skull of these breeds is nearly flat with sunken, small and dark colored eyes. The ears of the Fox Terrier, inserted in a high position, they fold in half on the front with a "V" shape, the jaw is very strong and intimidating almost together with a teeth which is three times its size in proportion. The neck is robust and muscular, the tail is often cropped to about one third of the length and carried high.

It is among the few small dogs to be predisposed to running. For jogging with the dog the guide is available:How to run with the dog.

Smooth-coated Fox Terrier

Let's talk about the cloak, which is what differentiates the two Fox Terrier. Said Smooth Fox Terrier this breed, because it is a breed in itself, has a short and very shiny coat that highlights the massive and athletic musculature of this dog. A hair like this, according to the standards, must be rather uniform, all short, and as for the color, it is white.

This color possibly stained with black or brown prevails but it is not mandatory. A hair like this, short and smooth, does not require special care, but it must be said that it is more insidious than that of the colleague at the level of home environment. It is more likely that you will find traces of this than of the rough one, around the house, on sofas, blankets or car seats. Sweaters and coats.

Coarse-haired Fox Terrier

The mantle of the Coarse-haired Fox Terrier, Wire Fox Terrier across the Channel, has a bristly coat, as the name suggests, and thick. As for the color, the prevalence of white remains but in this case the Fox Terrier it is tricolor: the black and tan (orange) patches are there and make it a cheerful animal with a more jaunty air.

To recognize a coat with coarse hair, you need to think of a twisted hair, like a coconut mat, a comparison that makes you understand how it is necessary to take care of it. Indeed for this Rough Fox Terrier, but not of character, a technique of grooming called "stripping" to be practiced once every 2/4 months.

Fox terrier: character

If he is to successfully hunt the fox, the Fox Terrier it can only be a brave, lively, cheerful, and above all alert and always attentive dog. He is certainly not afraid, just look him in the eye: the look, and the character of the Fox Terrier, I am determined and self-confident. When he moves, it shows that he is cunning, very intelligent and that he learns quickly.

In training him, for hunting or otherwise, you will notice that he is rather stubborn, so you have to be inflexible and consistent, otherwise he is right and certainly does not listen to you. This does not mean that you do not respect the master, but the Fox Terrier he must recognize it, he must understand that it is you and not he who is the leader of the pack, at that point he follows you and listens to you.

With children he is always very affectionate and delicate, with the whole family he is available and faithful. As they say, "it has a sense of family". For this, as well as his appearance much appreciated, whether smooth or rough the hair, the Fox Terrier it is not only sought as a hunting dog but very often to become the companion dog, For families or singles, it doesn't matter. It is also perfect for those who are sensitive to hair because it loses so little of it that you can't complain. It is also a good one watchdog, awake and alert as he is, and then he barks that you can't help but hear him.

Fox terrier: care

We have already seen the care for the hair and they are not very demanding for the Fox Terrier, those for the physical fitness and balance of nerves of this dog that ... wants to run are more so. He has to do it at least twice a day so bring it to us! It is also an apartment dog, but only on condition that you give it many moments of outdoor activity. Running and not only, otherwise if he feels locked up he becomes hyperactive by retaliation.

In the presence of other animals, let them be others Fox Terrier or not, this dog tends to struggle making coexistence quite impossible. I do not recommend it, even if there are exceptions, in my opinion it is better not to risk it.

Nutrition is also a basic part of caring for this and other dogs. The Fox Terrier must remain energetic and athletic, so a balanced diet is essential. Not fat, but not even that it makes him weak, given the great desire to run he has. The Fox Terrier he is not fussy, he eats both prepared foods and ready-to-eat feeds, whether dry or wet, it is also important that he is always well hydrated and always with a full bowl of water.

Fox Terrier: price

The average life of a Fox Terrier with a healthy, well-groomed and active diet, is about 15 years old, the price of a dog so well presentable and lively, alert and intelligent, ranges from 500 to 1,000 euros. It depends on the pedigree, on the sex and also on the coat, but falling too low in price is not convenient, it becomes suspicious. When in doubt, consulting your trusted veterinarian is the best thing.

Fox Terrier: popularity

One of the roles that give greater popularity to Fox terrier, and I say this with joy, it is not cinematic but literary, And it almost obviously comes from England. It comes out of the writer's pen Jerome who included in his novel "Three men in a boat" the Fox Terrier Montmorency, giving it a reputation as a cult dog throughout the late nineteenth century and the first half of the last century.

Also in England and the United Kingdom, there was then Beauty between Fox Terrier VIP: it is the first dog used for the rescue in the rubble during the second world war. Moving on to the 1930s, another Fox Terrier extremely popular it was Skippy who, trained as an actor, starred in the tv series de The Shadow Man, like Asta, as well as in the film “Susanna!”.

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