Dog fleas: natural remedies

Dog fleas: natural remedies

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Dog fleas, summer or not, they are lurking and every time we take our four-legged friends for a ride they can become a threat. It is useless, however, to create a nightmare, better be careful and above all learn how to defend yourself with natural remedies. That's right: there are not only drugs or chemical remedies, there are also DIY moves to chase away or prevent dog fleas.

The dog fleas they are nothing dramatic, but they must be eliminated as soon as they are recognized because they can become so if you let them dominate. Important, in addition to learning the natural remedies to hunt the dog fleas, also learn how to clean the dog's bed.

In addition to the kennel, I recommend taking a look, and a clean one, also to its objects and environments: the blanket where he sleeps, the car, the garage, the courtyard, the toys. Vacuum cleaner and then washing with water and vinegar: once in a while, it is important.

Dog fleas: how they work

The dog fleas as soon as they become adults they lay eggs which, when they hatch, give life to the larvae. In turn the dog flea larvae they grow up, become adults and so on, in a cycle. A very harmful cycle for our animal if they become attached to him because they feed on his blood - it must be said - without mercy. Thus arises the danger of transmission of illnesses, diseases of various kinds, including even lethal ones. For man there shouldn't be risks of contagion, but better to keep them away from us and our dogs.

Dog fleas: let it be war

Each specimen of dog fleas lays about 20 eggs at a time, the aim is to eliminate the adults in order to block the life cycle we have described. Before buying and proposing the classics to our pet chemical flea medications, we can experience some natural remedies.

They are very effective, it is always better to consult a veterinarian to understand the conditions of our furry friend before proceeding, for any contraindications, intolerances or emergencies. Even if then, of side effects, there could be many more drugs with chemicals at the base than what comes from natural mixtures, as we will see.

These are mainly compounds obtained with essential oils, for example, or liquids also used in the kitchen, which they can become, often due to the bad smell, insecticides / pesticides natural able to kill or ward off dog fleas.

Dog fleas: natural liquid remedies

In the various natural remedies for dog fleas the idea behind it is to use irritants and acids that ward off fleas.
A classic example is theWhite vinegar, diluted with a little water, to be sprayed directly on the hair or to be "spread" with a cloth.

Always to be applied with a cloth for an anti-caress dog fleas there is the natural do-it-yourself remedy with lemon and baking soda. Take the juice of 4 lemons and dilute it with half a liter of water, then add two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate. With a cloth soaked in this liquid, the coat should be passed every two days, to keep away the dog fleas.

It is always a liquid natural remedy against dog fleas the drink made with 1 teaspoon of distilled white vinegar, or apple cider vinegar if you prefer, to be diluted with 1 liter of water. For a 18 kg dog the doses are these and maybe it won't taste great, but this blend makes the really gorgeous hair.

An alternative, if it is difficult for our friend to swallow the concoction, is the spray, also based on vinegar, which apparently does not like dog fleas. You take a cup, with a liter of cold water. A few drops of lavender or cedar oil can be added, and I recommend it. I prefer cedar, but I'm not one of them dog fleas, you have to figure out which one sucks them the most. The spray should be applied to the hair being careful to avoid the eyes, nose and ears and focusing on the neck, behind the ears and on the chin area.

Dog fleas: natural remedies among the accessories

It can be prepared, against dog fleas, even a real gadget that drives them away. It is an accessory to be immersed in a flea liquid made with a pot of boiling water in which lemon slices are soaked. First they must be macerated all night, then take the object that it is to become anti fleas and you put it in the pot and then give it to the dog so that it will drive out the parasites and protect it from the future.

Similar to the anti-flea gadget there is the bag, made with very breathable fabric, to be padded at will. at our pleasure, to disgust them, the dog fleas. Substances that have a pleasant smell are suggested, for example a mix of cedar shavings, 2 teaspoons of dried lavender sprouts and lemon peel. Sewn everything together, you get a bag like the one for linen with lavender but much more smelly, to put in the dog's bed or near it.

Even collars as natural remedies against dog fleas they work: just take a cotton scarf and “bless it” with 10 drops of eucalyptus and 10 drops of lavender. Again, against the dog fleas, we have a wide choice of smells, with essential oils mint, lemongrass and cedar, all valid alternatives. It is enough then that we have that very intense final smell, so intense that stun fleas. Let them go forever.

With the same oils, if you see that they work, you can also wipe the hair with a cloth, being careful of the face, or add them to his usual shampoo. Another useful oil against dog fleas, but which is best sold as an anti-wrinkle - we can take it and use it twice - theNeem oil. This has a strong and persistent smell, in fact it works: it hunts dog fleas, wrinkles still do not know.

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