Ammonia-free hair dyes

Ammonia-free hair dyes

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Which are the besthair dyes without ammoniaand why the use of ammonia dyes should be scrupulously avoided. L'Oréal,the Matrix and many other houses have started to propose lines ofhair dyes without ammonia.

The need arose as a result of a large number of researches that heavily cast doubt on the healthiness of ammonia both for the hair and for our body.

Thehair dyes without ammonia they are able to give results similar to the old dyes with ammonia and in addition, according to the formulation, they can protect, nourish the hair and restore greater shine.

Thehair dyes without ammoniathey cause minimal stress to the hair, however we recommend doing one at 40-day intervals in order to fully protect the outermost area of ​​the hair (the cuticle).

Thehair dyestraditional, with ammonia, tend to swell the hair fiber and lift the outermost layer of the hair (the cuticle), this is how they allow the color to penetrate the hair and give it a new tint. Thehair dyes without ammoniathey are different, they are usually based on oil or other natural substances capable of making the color remain directly on the hair.

Another brand that offershair dye without ammoniaand without overly aggressive compounds, it is theOrganic Color System,a line of natural dyes formulated without parabens, formaldehyde, resorcinol, thiogycolates, sulphates and other petroleum derivatives. All ingredients are certified of organic origin, there is no lack of 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free certification so much that it can boast the brandPETA.

If you are looking for oneprofessional hair dyeand ammonia-free, you can aim for thedye that hairdressers use, theKoleston. This professional dyeing without ammonia offers pure and bright tones.

The results are extremely reliable so much so that there are more than 100,000 les coiffeur boutiquewho have chosen this house. Koleston ammonia-free hair dyes guarantee complete uniform coverage of white hair, thus offering tone-on-tone hair dyes, dark tone on light hair and dyes for lightening.

Thereprofessional dye without ammoniaKoleston is more delicate thanks to a rich formula with over 1/4 of lipids and conditioning agents that protect the hair fiber. The line consists of a complete palette with 129 shades all able to offer up to 69% more brilliance and professional coloring without ammonia.

Where to buy professional ammonia-free dye? At specialized shops or with online sales. On Amazon, the Koleston hair dye is offered at a price of around € 18.40.