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New business ideas

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Who is on the hunt fornew business ideasit should target those sectors that have good room for growth. According to TV and newspapers, it seems that Italy is paralyzed by the economic crisis and that the whole Eurozone is in great difficulty; we do not want to deny the reality of the facts, only to show more encouraging data: there are several sectors that accumulate profits and show excellent growth!

Who wants to aim fornew business ideashe must have the traits of a good entrepreneur: he must not be frightened, he must be flexible and enterprising, he must have good analytical skills and last but not least, he must have a small initial capital.

To understand where to start, we will show you which sectors are growing in Italy and in the rest of the world. It is in these market segments that you will need to take rootbusiness ideas.

United States and new business ideas

New American business ideas.
ThereIBISWorld, specializing inindustry reports, has compiled the ranking of the new emerging sectors of the United States. We will see that, even if at the top there is an excessively innovative sector for the Italian panorama, there is no lack of similarities with the Italian market.

5. Lending platformsPeer to peer

In 2014 alone, this sector saw a turnover of $ 500,000,000 (let's face it together: five hundred million dollars!) And in 2015 it showed a further growth of 37.7%. These are online platforms dedicated to the immediate and transparent management of loans. It involves small businesses, investors and consumers. In this context,new business ideasthey could also work in Italy where there are many users who seek loans from non-traditional sources. This would be a risky idea because in Italy it is really difficult to enforce the so-calledcredit recoverybut a good entrepreneur knows how to deal with risk.

4. Medical marijuana stores

In 2014 alone, this sector saw a turnover of $ 2,580,000,000 (two and a half billion dollars!) And the increase in demand saw further growth in 2015 (+ 38.4%) and the projections see a further increase to an invoice of over $ 8,400,000,000 by 2019. Over the next 5 years, analysts ofIBISWorldthey estimate a total number of militants in the sector of over 8,000 operators.

3. Beverage production

There is talk of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The sector is growing sharply. Turnover in 2014 amounted to 293,000,000 and for 2015 a growth of 38.8% is recorded. In Italy a similar argument can be made for beer. The sector analyzes show how consumer preferences deviate from classic beers to move towards craft ones and other alcoholic beverages of alternative production. According to IBISWorld, the sector could grow with an average of + 14% over the next 5 years, reaching a turnover of $ 560,000,000 in 2019.

2. Telemedicine

With a turnover of $ 585 million, the telemedicine services sector is aimed at companies that employ digital technology to provide medical and health education services. The world of personal well-being is undergoing a metamorphosis, if until recently, spa centers were the masters, today technological advances are aimed elsewhere.
In the medical field this translates into technologies capable of transmitting digital images such as X-rays, scans and wearable self-monitoring devices. This sector would have little hope in Italy, not least because growth in the US has been aided by federal support for telemedicine services. The projections see growth potential of up to $ 3,100,000,000 by 2020.

1. Developers of motion capture software

Anyone who has ever played video games that include amotion controllerhe knows what we're talking about. The industry of "motion capture "includes not only the videogames sector but also the cinema sector for the recording of live-action data for the production of 3D video material. In the last five years, the sector has seen an average annual growth of 53% reaching $ 1,240,000,000 in turnover in 2014. The estimated growth for this 2015 is 65.6% and turnover is expected to grow again with a projection that sees the achieving an annual turnover of nearly seven and a half billion dollars in 2019.

Italy and new business ideas

In Italy, the fastest growing sectors are largely linked to the web with mobile advertising and ecommerce. Fashion is confirmed as one of the main growing sectors in the Italian eCommerce market (in 2015 it saw a + 23% compared to 2014) even if the sector has seen 360 ° growth in every area, from IT to publishing, even food is bought on the web. Two other growing sectors in Italy are Luxury and Green.

The sector ofgreen economy it has been expanding fairly well for several years, thanks to the increase in environmental awareness but also to EU regulations which impose stricter standards. Not surprisingly, the installer of solar panels, the energy certifier and the energy manager are among the most sought after professionals in Italy.

New business ideas in agriculture: a winning business

New business ideasFurthermore, they could focus on social agriculture, a very useful sector if the initial capital to invest is rather small and especially if you want to access the funds made available for the development of the agricultural, rural and social sector.

For the development of a winning business, we refer you to the articleCorporate blog and Green economy.

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