World water requirement

World water requirement

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World water requirement: this is how much water we consume in the home and which is the sector that consumes the highest water requirement.

Until 50 years ago, the common perception saw water as an infinite resource. At this time, we know very well that this is not the case and while collective environmental awareness is increasing, there is no lack of EU regulations that require a certain degree of efficiency in the use water resources of the planet.

The world water needs it involves almost all the industrial sectors. Water is used in all industrial sectors, in the agricultural sector, in the domestic, recreational and environmental activities (just think of the water used to put out a fire or the dams of hydroelectric plants).

Historically, civilizations have developed around waterways, just think of theMesopotamia, the so-called "cradle of civilization" which is located between the great rivers such as Tigris and Euphrates and the greatness of the Egyptian society which depended entirely on the Nile.

You don't have to dig so much into the past to understand the effects of water on civilization: London, Rotterdam, Montreal, Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Tokyo, Chicago and Hong Kond owe much of their success to easy accessibility to water resources with a consequent expansion of the commercial plan. Places like North Africa and the Middle East, where water resources are scarcer, human development has been severely held back.

The world water needs it is invaluable because it is not linked only to domestic use or to human hydration. Each industrial sector has a marked water requirement at different stages of the production chain.

In the United States, 30% of total fresh water consumption is used by the agricultural sector for irrigation. If this percentage seems high to you, consider that estimates refer that 70% of fresh water, worldwide, is used for irrigation.

The water consumption in the agricultural sector it is a question that concerns us very closely: ISTAT data in hand, in Italy 11 billion cubic meters of water are used to irrigate 2.4 million hectares of agricultural land.

It is estimated that 22% of world water resources are used in various industrial sectors. Industries from the highest water requirement are energy ones: thermoelectric power plants, hydroelectric dams and other plants that use water for cooling (oil refineries, coal industry, various production plants).

A high water requirement it is required by the plastics industry and by companies that use water as a solvent. Water is used in most industrial processes, even in an unthinkable way: pressurized water is used for precision cutting, water is used for the production of fertilizers and in the production of electricity we speak ofpowertrains and cooling towersfrom the enormouswater requirement.

The water requirement of the domestic sector is covered with just 8%. Only 8% of water consumption worldwide is linked to domestic practices, this includes drinking water (to drink!), Water for personal and home hygiene. Overall, it is estimated that each person in the Western world consumes an average of 50 liters of water directly and indirectly. To improve water consumption at home, I recommend you read my article dedicated tosolutions for water saving in the home and garden.

World water needs, the report

  • 70% for irrigation in the agricultural sector
  • 22% in the industrial sector
  • 8% in the domestic sector

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