Is working at home a good idea?

Mah .. I do not know when I ask and I wonder if work at home be a good idea I collect very different opinions. My personally is that work at home it undoubtedly has advantages, especially in the balance between private and professional life, and in the reduction of some expenses, but there are also significant counter-conditions.

The main one, at least in my opinion, is that there is no interaction and discussion with colleagues, even if it is not certain. Who is the colleague after all? Who works in the same company or who does the same job? In the second case go to the office or work at home little changes, unless you work in a company where many people do the same business.

In any case, of the work at home the pros and cons must be considered. And after extolling the advantages of working at home for a long time, especially since the Internet has enabled teleworking, now we are backtracking a bit, focusing on the critical aspects. A recent investigation by Regus, an independent investigation although perhaps not entirely disinterested given that it is a provider of flexible workspaces, points in this direction.

What does the research data say? For example, out of a world sample of 44,000 managers and professionals who often work from home, around 40% fear that their professional activity will be diminished and considered less important (39% globally and 45% in Italy) . Especially since family members do not always understand the innovative ways of work at home.

38% of global respondents reveal in the work at home a profound sense of loneliness, even if in Italy a little less because here the percentage becomes 28%. There is also a good 32% (the same in Italy and in the world) who, working from home, are afraid of gaining weight because they have more snacks between meals. But the most felt discomfort is that linked to the lesser interaction and possibility of comparison with other colleagues and professionals (67% Italy and 64% global average).

Then? So in the end, Regus' research highlights what everyone suspected and that is that, to compensate for the sense of loneliness and isolation, 40% of Italian managers and professionals (which becomes 62% globally) feel the need to program frequent meetings, trips and business meetings outside the home. Which eliminates, or at least greatly reduces, what should be the advantages of work at home.

Well, going back to what I think, I find myself quite there in these results. I would be part of the media. However I believe that the true limit of the working from home, rather than solitude, is the lack of a fully equipped environment, which is not easy to recreate in an improvised space inside your home. I'm talking about high-speed Internet connection, photocopiers, scanners and everything else needed today to be effective and productive.

This also makes me think as Regus that managing work away from the traditional office (which is potentially a positive thing) but inside your own home (which is less positive) is not the most effective solution. It is no longer the time to stamp the time card and the fixed time in general, okay, but perhaps we are not yet ready for the total deconstruction of the home-office routine. It would take a middle ground.

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