How to grow bougainvillea

How to grow bougainvilleain the ground or in pots. Thecareto dedicate to the plant, what to do in case of bougainvillea that does not bloom and how to get beautiful blooms.

There are several plants that can liven up our garden with delicate, colorful flowers; it is the case of the bougainvillea, a showy and showy plant but at the same time delicate and elegant. There bougainvillea it has leaves along the entire stem from which small flowers emerge surrounded by large colorful bracts of white, yellow, orange, pink, red or purple. Flowering lasts several months a year.

Bouganville: climbing plant

It is a climbing plant and its cultivation does not require special cultural attention. There bougainvillea it can be grown both in the garden and in pots, perhaps on the balcony or terrace with little wind. Strong winds are enemies of the plant. If placed in optimal soil and exposure conditions, no details will be requiredcare. Just follow some indications to be able to enjoy a spectacular cascade of branches, flowers and leaves.

It is an excellent climbing plant and is well suited for pergolas, facades or creating flowery tunnels at the entrance to gardens.

There bougainvillea it loves the sun, only cultivation in full sun can guarantee good flowering, while if placed in the shade it will give rise to a shrub rich in foliage, but completely devoid of inflorescences.

When planting, choose carefully. Since it is a flowering climbing plant, to grow without losing flowers or leaves, it needs support. What supports to use? Gratings, poles, pergolas, railings, gates ... in short, anything the plant can cling to to develop.

How to grow bougainvillea

Let's see what thebougainvilleato determine thecareto dedicate to the plant.

  • The climate

Bougainvillea needs a temperate climate and to be exposed to the sun for at least 3-4 hours a day.
In areas with rather rigid temperatures it is preferable to cultivate it in pot so that it can be repaired during the winter: the minimum temperature must be 7 degrees in winter and at least 16 degrees in the growing season.

Bougainvillea does not bloom

If the buds fall for no reason, it means that the bougainvillea is exposed to too cold a climate, so take care to shelter it.

  • The terrain

The soil must be well drained: a moist soil can cause the loss of leaves and a constant presence of moisture in the soil can be lethal. When grown in pots, it is advisable to make a mixture of soil and stones to allow the correct drainage of the soil. Another recommendation is to also insert a layer of expanded clay.

  • There pruning

At the end of the cold period the bougainvillea must be pruned: the weakest branches must be removed and the others trimmed by about a third.
If it is grown in particularly cold areas, pruning can be anticipated in the fall.

  • Fertilization

In the summer it should be fertilized weekly, favoring a fertilizer enriched with minerals and peat.

  • Irrigation

Extreme drought can also cause foliage loss, especially if it is prolonged; in fact these plants tolerate drought well, but if it lasts for weeks the plant defends itself by dropping the entire foliage. This event often occurs in plants grown in sheltered places, where they are unable to receive water from the elements, for several months.
It should be watered only when the soil is very dry, from March to October, taking care not to leave the soil saturated with water for long periods of time; in the cold months it should be watered only sporadically. Those that are exposed to rainwater should not be watered while those sheltered on the terraces, or covered with plastic film or non-woven fabric, should be watered with small amounts of water.

Bouganville: diseases and treatments

Bougainvillea is not particularly prone to diseases or parasites but it is good to pay attention to mites, aphids and water stagnation to avoid damage to the roots. If you notice small, yellowish-greenish mobile insects, the plant could be infested with aphids. In this case it will be necessary to intervene with ad hoc treatments. In this regard, we refer you to reading the article "Remedies against aphids".

Bouganville: reproduction by cutting

If the bougainvillea has grown well, it is possible to obtain a second plant, in fact it is enough to make a cutting to have a new plant.

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