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Domestic pig: there is not only the Vietnamese one, other breeds that are always mini and equally curious are sprouting with which to attract attention if worn on a leash. But be careful, they are intelligent and sensitive animals. And most of all, they require pet commitment.

They are not toys to be adopted in the wake of enthusiasm. Or just because he had it George Clooney. Yes, he held a domestic pig for years and years, so much so that he died when he was 18. It seems that among the stars it is a bit fashionable to have mini pig, especially in the US. In addition to "George" also i Beckhams they have one, apparently she gave it to him for a birthday.

To be clear the domestic pig and that pig to keep on a leash, with a squat body, all pink and with a small curled tail. I say this because it has only been popular with us for a few years, perhaps a decade, but in America for example, the domestic pig already liked in the 80s, it still enjoys great popularity overseas, even in Canada, while in Europe the enthusiasm is colder, in fact it is liked in Sweden where it is seen as pet in these last years.

Domestic pig: what breed

If I say domestic pig, it means that you can keep it indoors if you want, even if I don't recommend it, even in the apartment. This means that between pig and domestic pig there is a big difference in weight and overall dimensions.

If “the usual” can weigh from 300 kg to 1 ton, the domestic pig, depending on the breed, but in miniature, it can weigh about 30 kg. This is true if our pet is kept well, because, needless to say, it tends to gain weight. If it weighs about 30 kg it is about a medium-sized dog.

Cuddly and affectionate, like a dog, clean and smart like a cat, the domestic pig it comes in different breeds but the most famous is that of pigs with a cup belly, also called Vietnamese pigs because they originate from Vietnam. Smaller than a common one American dwarf pig or European, these cupped-belly animals as well as having evidently smaller dimensions, also differ in the ears which stand up straight on the head and the straight and not curled tail. The domestic pig Vietnamese can come in various white, black or mixed black and white colors.

Less frequent to meet, for now, there are also the Göttinger mini pig and the Resident of Munich miniature pig. They are both the result of breeding in medical laboratories and in Germany they are often also used as domestic pig to all effects.

Then there is also the Kunekune domestic pig: it is another breed, this time from New Zealand. It is true that it is larger than the domestic pig Vietnamese but remains smaller than the common breeding pigs. The domestic pig Kunekune was and is very widespread in England, as far as Europe is concerned, and it is in fact precisely there that it landed for the first time around the early 90s.

Sad fate, to die very young, for a domestic pig said "teacup pig ". It is smaller than the domestic pig Vietnamese, and this causes him serious health problems, often dies prematurely.

Domestic pig: care and feeding

Domestic pig in name and in fact, this animal is omnivorous, tends to gain weight and does not have many stomach problems. To keep him healthy, however, we don't have to give a damn about what he puts in his mouth but offer him a varied diet, especially with cereals, vegetables, fruit and corn. In addition, to facilitate the intestinal functions of our domestic pig, the advice of the experts is to supplement the diet weekly with a teaspoon of Vaseline. Also be careful not to forget the water, leaving it available 24 hours a day.

Just like other pets, the domestic pig it should be brushed, washed and cared for. It learns sooner than you think to do its business in its litter box, however, an outdoor space is needed in which to move. If you are forced to close it at home, you are equally forced to be good hosts domestic pig, if you take him for at least a couple of hours a day for a walk for a couple of hours, the risk is that he will become in a bad mood, or touchy or grumpy.

A ride to the park, for example, is okay, and if you have a nearby forest, that's the best for him. Curious and explorer, the domestic pig can't wait to browse, smell, discover. Otherwise he can become melancholy and touchy and grumpy. I don't know exactly how it becomes a melancholy domestic pig… But it doesn't have to be a pretty sight. As much as a domestic pig grumpy and offended.

Domestic pig: character

The domestic pig he is domestic, so he is fond of the idea of ​​home and family and he too wants his share of pampering. He needs affection and he will ask you for it also explicitly, however showing it in turn towards you. It is not a succubus animal, but neither is it a rebel: it is rather to be understood as a friend, the domestic pig, a sociable and intelligent friend.

He has a somewhat stubborn side to himself, like a cat, almost, but what fools him is gluttony. To tame him, therefore, it is good practice to give him juicy rewards: he will understand on the fly. The domestic pig in all its races and ages and tendentially sweet, even with those who do not know. The risk is instead that he becomes too sweet, and that he becomes too attached, becoming morbid especially towards the owner and his family.

Domestic pig: its intelligence

The domestic pig it is one of the smartest animals in the world, it is even the smartest of the common pets. Yes, it is not a false myth, it is not a generous acknowledgment to repay him for the many urban legends ugly towards him, it is the truth. There are plenty of studies showing how on one scale of intelligence established by experts, pigs are in third place after primates and cetaceans.

Dogs and cats are after, in fourth and fifth position. It would seem that the difference between these domestic animals is that dogs have a mnemonic and purely imitative intelligence while pigs have aCreative intelligence. Furthermore the domestic pig compared to a cat or a dog it has long-term memory. The combination of these factors is evident, even if only in teaching the animal that it needs to relieve itself in a certain place: for a dog it takes a month, for a cat so, for a domestic pig a couple of weeks.

Domestic pig: cleaning
We come to talk about cleaning, and the usual "rigmarole" of domestic pig or not, how dirty, what stinks. Let alone that in some parts of the world people get to not eat its meat just because it is thought to be a carrier of disease. The domestic pig, sweet as it is, it has got a little used to living with the accusation of being a dirty animal but it is enough to live with it for a while to notice that it competes with the cat in terms of cleanliness. If you have a domestic pig you will learn the hard way that he is even happy to bathe and stay in the water, after having rolled in the mud.

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