Calendula officinalis, properties and uses

Calendula officinalis, properties and uses

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Therecalendula officinalisit would seem to originate in southern Europe even if its ancient history and widespread uses throughout the world make it difficult to associate it with a certain origin.

Therecalendula officinalisit is a perennial herb that grows up to 80 cm in length with erect and scarcely branched stems. The leaves are oblong and lanceolate with a length ranging from 5 to 18 cm. Therecalendula officinalisit is much cultivated both for its uses inhomeopathy,both for its inflorescences given by a thick flower head with a diameter of 4 - 7 cm.

The cultivation of Calendula officinalis

Grow the calendula officinalisit's not at all difficult with our climate, thecalendulait grows very well in any temperate climate place. Gardening experts consider thecalendulaone of the simplest and most versatile flowers to grow at home or in the garden, in flower beds or in pots.

For thecultivation of calendulajust choose a sunny area, the marigold adapts well to many types of soil. Although it is a perennial plant, in crops it is often treated as an annual plant, especially in the colder regions of Italy where the possibility of surviving the winter, due tocalendula, are scarce.

There calendula it loves temperate places so it should be protected from the cold in winter and from excessive heat in summer.

The properties of calendula officinalis

Therecalendulacan be used in the kitchen: marigold florets are edible and often used to add color to salads or meat dishes. It goes well with saffron. The leaves are also edible but not very palatable.

Throughout history, the uses of calendula officinalis have been the most varied, from the aforementioned culinary uses to therapeutic ones. For example, in the past, a dye for fabrics was extracted from marigold flowers. In ancient Rome, as well as in Greece, India and throughout the Middle East, thecalendula officinalisit was a famous medicinal herb and also used in the cosmetic sector.

Theproperties of calendula officinalisthey are given to the active ingredients contained in petals and pollen. Among the various constituents we mention the triterpene esters, carotenoids and other natural antioxidants such as those responsible for the yellow-orange color of the petals.

The leaves contain other carotenoids such as lutein (80%), zeaxanthin (5%) and beta carotene.

The plant extracts ofcalendula officinalisthey are widely used in cosmetics for skin care and well-being. The beneficial properties on the skin are probably explained thanks to constituents such as saponins, resins and essential oils.

Inhomeopathy, thecalendula officinalisis appreciated for itspropertyanti-inflammatory, astringent and antiviral. Therecalendula officinalis, together with Equisetum arvense, it is one of the very few plants with astringent properties without having a high tannin content.

Studies in pharmacology have confirmed that the extracts ofCalendula officinalisthey can have antiviral, antigotoxic and anti-inflammatory effects. In vitro tests have demonstrated the antibacterial and antifungal properties of the natural extracts ofCalendula.

Due to the protective properties exerted on the skin, creams and infusions based on calendula can be used to treat sunburn, acne, mild burns, dermatitis and chapped lips. 100% Pure Calendula Oil can be used as an after-shave or to nourish the skin after hair removal. There are also many uses for the mother tincture of calendula officinalis.

* The study cited dates back to 2006. "A new extract of the plant Calendula officinalis produces a dual in vitro effect: cytotoxic anti-tumor activity and lymphocyte activation“, A publication edited by BMC Cancer.

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