Maintenance of the petrol hedge trimmer

Maintenance of the petrol hedge trimmer

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Theremaintenance of the petrol hedge trimmer: sharpening, filter cleaning, spark plug and all the information necessary to proceed with the correct one maintenance of thehedge trimmer with petrol engine.

To ensure the optimal functioning of this garden tool, I advise you to keep a diary / sheet in which to record all the works of maintenance performed from time to time. Excluding the maintenance that must be done at the end of each use to prevent oxidation (rust) of the blade, there are interventions that must be done periodically after 10 or 20 hours of work.

On one sheet, organize a simple scheme where at the top you can mark the dates and within a table the relative hours of use of the hedge trimmer and the interventions of maintenance performed. This method will make interventions on time and will increase the lifespan of yourshedge trimmer with petrol engine.

The maintenance of the petrol hedge trimmer, the blades

The first work ofmaintenancelies in a conscious use of this garden tool. At the end of using thehedge trimmerIt will be necessary to carry out checks to give the blades a long life and prevent oxidation. Here's what to do after each use:

  1. Check the tightness of the nuts that secure the blades.
  2. Clean, with a stiff bristle brush, all plant residues that hinder cutting.
  3. Disinfect the blades with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide: by cutting, the blade could transmit various pathologies between diseased plants and healthy plants.
  4. To prevent the blades from rusting, spray a very light film of lubricating oil distributing it evenly over the entire blade. To ensure even distribution of the lubricant, turn on yours for a moment petrol hedge trimmer.
  5. Cover the blades with the appropriate protective case.

How to sharpen the hedge trimmer

Still talking about the blade, the sharpening operation is necessary to ensure a clean cut without incurring the risk of rot and various imperfections. With the work ofsharpening the hedge trimmer it will be necessary to realign the edge of the blades eliminating any nicks, nicks and burrs. All information on this phase of themaintenance of the hedge trimmer, are contained in the article dedicated to the instructions forsharpen the hedge trimmer.

Maintenance of the petrol hedge trimmer, other work

Among other works by maintenance of the hedge trimmer with combustion engine there are interventions to be performed annually, every 20, every 10 working hours and after each use.

-Works ofmaintenance to the hedge trimmer to be done at least once a year
At least once a year, it will be necessary to check the spark plug of thehedge trimmer and properly space the electrodes. All the info: the maintenance of the hedge trimmer candle.

-Works of maintenance to the hedge trimmer to do every 20 hours
Every 20 hours of work, you must lubricate the gearbox kinematics with molybdenum disulphide lubricating grease (alternatively you can use lithium lubricating grease). To apply the grease, help yourself with the special greasing syringe connected to the pawl on thehedge trimmer.

Every 20 hours of use it will be necessary to clean the filters of the hedge trimmer, the engine filter (or fuel filter) and the air filter. All information is available in the article: maintenance of the hedge trimmer filters.

-Works of maintenance to the hedge trimmerto do after each use
After each use, it will be necessary to clean the body of the motor with a cloth and remove all leaves and plant fragments that obstruct the fan grill.

-Works of maintenance to the hedge trimmer to be done every 10 hours of use
After every 10 hours of use, to ensure good engine cooling, equip yourself with a compressed air gun and remove all impurities from the engine ventilation grid.

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