Celery salt, properties and info

Although for some the appearance may not be so inviting, thecelery salt, better defined in Italian ascelery salt, is a natural alternative to table salt and is popular for its many property.

Thecelery saltcan be described as an excellent alternative to table salt and different types of sodium chloride based salt. Thecelery saltthat we find on the market is not always produced starting from dried celery, it often consists of ground celery seeds so as to have a more marked flavor.

To prepare thecelery saltwe recommend using dark celery, black mountain celery also known as lovage, botanically calledLevisticum officinale.Mountain celery tastes close to celery, but with a much more intense, more pungent aroma which makes it very pleasant.

Thecelery saltthat we find on the market, the so-calledcelery salt, it's not exactly natural. To the celery salt various additives are added, first of all an anti-caking agent such as silicon dioxide or calcium silicate. Some brands ofcelery saltthey add other additives such as preservatives based on sodium nitrates, among these are nitrosamines, a family of nitrates potentially carcinogenic to humans. Some food manufacturers use thecelery saltto report it among the ingredients so as not to have to mention sodium nitrates.

Thecelery salt is a key ingredient in the preparation ofBloody Maryand in the Caesar cocktail. It is used to dress hot dogs and sausages, salads and stews ... it can make even a stewed cabbage salad more witty! It has a very strong flavor so you have to learn how to use it in small doses.

To thecelery saltthey are different associates benefitsAccording to experts, it would even help to cope better with stress. In general, celery helps to alkalize the body by protecting it from problems related to an excessively acidic pH, it can help reduce bad cholesterol and can be an excellent substitute for table salt.

Where to buy celery salt?

Rather than buying thecelery salt you can try doing it at home by following the instructions in the guide articlehow to make celery salt at home. Who wouldn't know where to find themountain celery, can buy thecelery saltin shops specializing in natural products or by taking advantage of online sales. Thecelery saltit is not very easy to find on the market here in Italy but fortunately there are ecommerce. At the time of purchase, read the ingredients to make sure there are no food additives that are harmful to health. From Amazon we point out thecelery salt"Suma" which uses natural ingredients, the only drawback is that it is an imported item: it is produced in Great Britain and the shipping costs for us Italians amount to € 11.54.

Celery Salt, 6 packs of 100 grams - Price: 14.53 euros

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