Do-it-yourself natural insecticide for every need

Do-it-yourself natural insecticide for every need

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Natural DIY insecticide: how to prepare different types of natural and organic pesticides at home for the care of the garden, the house and flowering plants.

Those who care about their health as well as that of the environment and the garden, can prepare at homenatural insecticidesto eliminate flies, mosquitoes, aphids, fungi and other parasites from the garden and plants. Below we list the best natural insecticides to prepare at home.

Do-it-yourself natural insecticide based on garlic

It is a natural spray insecticide that you can use asnatural repellentagainst a large number of insects and parasites. For the preparation you will need to blend a head of garlic with cloves diluting with two cups of water. Blend until you get a very fine mixture. Let the concoction rest for a day and then dilute again but this time in about 3 liters of water. You will have thus obtained a natural insecticidespray to be sprayed directly on the leaves and at the base of the plant.

Natural DIY tomato based insecticide

Not everyone knows it but ... the tomato has excellent repellent properties and works effectively against aphids, worms and moths. Don't worry, to prepare thisnatural insecticide do it yourselfit will not be necessary to waste even a tomato, the main ingredient is the leaves.

Collect two cups of tomato leaves. Finely chop them and add some water. Let it rest for 24 hours and dilute with two more cups of water. Also in this case, thenatural insecticidespray obtained can be sprayed on garden plants. Be careful to keep this awaynatural repellentfrom pets because if ingested in large quantities it could be toxic.

Natural tobacco-based DIY insecticide

Thisnatural repellentit is prepared in a very simple way: macerate the tobacco contained in 3 or 4 cigarettes in half a liter of water. Let it rest for 2 days and then strain the mixture. Just spray this liquid on the plants in the garden to take advantage of its repellent action.

Natural DIY insecticide based on chili

Thisbiological insecticidemust be used with extreme caution. Chilli pepper is a natural irritant and can cause skin burning, it is a natural pesticide due to its particular characteristics. During the preparation, wear gloves and avoid bringing your hands to your face and even more, don't rub your eyes! If, after preparation, your hands should burn, wash them with alcohol to denature the organic compounds responsible for the irritating action.

To prepare thenatural insecticidebased on chilli, you have to blend a dozen chillies and dilute them with two glasses of water. Let the mixture rest for 12 hours, filter it, dilute it with two more cups of water and use it with a nebulizer.

Do-it-yourself natural insecticide against ants

A natural repellent capable of keeping ants away from the home is alcohol. For other notions: natural remedies against ants.

Natural DIY insecticide: pyrethrum

Pyrethrum is an organic insecticide and pesticide with all the credentials to protect the garden and the house from insects and pests. In the home it can be used as a natural insecticide for flies and mosquitoes. In the vegetable garden and in the garden it can be used to control a large number of infestations. For all the info: how to use the pyrethrum. For the DIY preparation you will need to start a pyrethrum cultivation: how to grow pyrethrum.

Natural insecticide: neem

For all information: Neem, natural insecticide

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