Atopic dermatitis: how to fight it naturally

Atopic dermatitis: how to fight it naturally

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There Atopic dermatitis (also known as atopic eczema) is an inflammation of the skin that affects genetically predisposed individuals, with alternating periods of intensification and improvement of allergic manifestations.

There Atopic dermatitis it is a NON-contagious disease that can affect children (more frequently) and adults.

The international SCORAD index is used to define the severity of Atopic dermatitis which can therefore be classified as mild, moderate and severe.

There Atopic dermatitis occurs due to a skin barrier unable to retain the right percentage of water and mineral salts, causing dry skin and greater susceptibility to the attack of irritants that cause redness and itching.

There therapy aimed at curing the Atopic dermatitis involves the use of purifying and moisturizing creams capable of strengthening the epidermis by calming itching.

In the children there Atopic dermatitis manifests itself in most cases with itching, erythema, peeling and crusting, often on the cheeks or hands. In the adults on the other hand, it occurs more frequently on the face, neck, nape and chest, even in case of excessive perspiration

The onset of atopic dermatitis or its aggravation can also be induced by environmental factors (allergens, pseudoallergens) and is also affected by seasonality as the disease worsens in winter and spring.

Symptoms often decrease with advancing age even if for the Atopic dermatitis there is no definitive cure. However, it is possible to intervene with specific products in order to mitigate the symptoms (itching) and avoid acute phenomena.

Between best natural products available on the market to combat atopic dermatitis we point out the Laevia route articulated in three steps during which three products are used:

1) Laevia bath salts, a cosmetic blend of moisturizing and purifying salts specially designed for sensitive and dry skin

2) The Laevia shower bath, a mild cleanser with a low foaming level

3) Laevia Lean Cream, a cosmetic adjuvant in the reconstructive, anti-reddening and soothing action of the skin.

The products of the three-phase Laevia path are distinguished by a completely natural formulation and are enriched with functional active ingredients without containing any petroleum derivatives.

To get them at the best price and in a short time you can buy them on Laevia official website.

Laevia's philosophy is to offer high quality natural products at an affordable price, selling directly online in order to shorten the distribution chain as much as possible.

Most of Laevia products do not contain parabens, petroleum derivatives, silicone oils, SLS or SLES that alter the normal balance of the skin, but only natural substances suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

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