English pointer: character, appearance and origin

English pointer: character, appearance and origin

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English pointer, officially called English, and it is, even if there is still a fuss of hypotheses and discussions about its origin. It is a breed included in those of hunting dogs, pointing dogs but nicely it can be called the English pointer also “A nose with 4 legs below”. Yes, because he has a great flair and fully deserves to be one of the most famous and popular dogs in the world.

Although not Italian, the English pointer managed to take the place in the hearts of our citizens also of the "Bracco Italian"And from"Italian spinone”Which only recently managed to return to the top of the top ten. The English pointer remains considered prince of the bracchi also thanks to its strong and rare adaptability. It is in fact capable of passing from the status of unleashed when it is surrounded by nature, to that of a "good statue dog" or almost, at home.

So here is a "double face" dog, an extraordinary animal hunting and pet, with very few health problems, balanced and loyal, perfect even with children. It looks like a commercial, but it is simply the English pointer, from English, to point. It aims for prey, but also to win human hearts, it seems. No?

English pointer: origin

The origin of the English pointer it is British, and even the noun taken from the verb to point, “to point” is a witness, but first? There are open disputes between breeders and experts, and it is not a King Midas affair, because they are at stake French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italians, Each, of course, claims the origin of this dog which apparently likes it very much, if everyone wants to be its homeland.

Each country cited believes that there is a blood supply of their respective national hound in breed selection English pointer. The fact is that in the end it was the English who refined its characteristics and then used it to improve most of their dogs. There is also a theory, on the origin of the English Pointer, who believes it is the result of a mix of many breeds including also Foxhound, Setter, Greyhound and bulldog.

Among the various countries, the one who “screams louder” in the dispute is Spain, according to its experts Spanish hound it would have been imported into Great Britain between 1705 and 1713 and starting from 1720 it was then gradually modified, with various British selections, eventually undergoing a radical transformation.

English pointer: appearance

Muscular and balanced, robust and fast, the English pointer he is an excellent pointing dog but also for research: an adaptable hunting dog, especially lately, with the development of skills of carry-over of game. He has an elegant gait and a very sensitive nose, his gallop is phenomenal.

How do I wait for the English pointer it is a medium-sized dog, at the withers it measures 56-70 cm, the male, a little less than the female, as for weight we are around 25 kg. The trunk of this breed is square like the muzzle, also, where the ears are hanging and soft, slightly triangular, and eyes very large, round and dark ocher.

As for color, the short and smooth coat can be white, black, black and tan, fawn, red, brown, burnt brown, lemon. These colors are accepted in various shades and can be combined with each other or with white. The nose is black and marked, the neck arched and elegant in English pointer which is fast and agile with its muscular limbs and tapering tail.

English pointer: character

The English pointer he is a hunting dog with an excellent character so much that he is seen and desired a lot as well pet dog. With men he is usually docile even if with strangers he might be a bit shy, never aggressive though. He is good with children and is playful reliable and lively.

In hunting the English pointer he is as impetuous and "terrible" in hunting as he is calm in the family, at home he is sweet and polite, so much so that it is difficult to imagine how energetic he is when he "works" in the open air behind various types of prey.

English pointer: health and care

Among all the advantages of the English pointer there is also the good health he usually enjoys, especially if well kept. The average life span of dogs of this beautiful breed is about 12 to 14 years, among the diseases that can affect it is the hereditary one called neuropathic osteopathy, the symptoms of which occur between 3 and 9 months of age. The most common are dysplasia, skin affections and thyroid dysfunctions.

The English pointer during the hunting period he must keep one power as a true athlete, rich in meat and vitamins, on the contrary during the rest season its diet must be much lighter. In general, a balance must also be maintained in quantity depending on the physical activity that the English pointer he has the possibility to do and it is the case that he is in a position to do so much. Hunting or not hunting, this dog the more it moves the better it is. And it's not just a question of "line" and training, but also a psychological one.

He loves being outdoors and has a physiological need to move, in the blood. Indeed force the English pointer apartment life without making him do a good dose of daily movement is paid for with an obvious mood drop. Carrying him around, if he is lucky in parks, woods and countryside, on his return you have to carefully inspect his legs and ears where debris, dirt, thorns or anything else that could lead to irritation and infection could be nested.

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