Natural mosquito repellent

Natural mosquito repellent

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The chase away mosquitoes natural can be as effective as commercial insecticides. And they cost less. One chase away mosquitoes personal, such as an anti-mosquito spray to spray on the skin, can be prepared with a few cents using distilled water, alcohol and a few drops of perfumed essential oil.

If we talk about environments, however, to keep mosquitoes away we can start with anti-mosquito plants positioned in strategic points of the house. There are several (geranium, melissa officinalis, eucalyptus, lantana camara, catalpa, catambra, lemongrass, basil, rosemary and lavender) and the effectiveness is tested. One chase away mosquitoes natural for environments, whose action can be added to that of plants, is the anti-mosquito bottle that you can build yourself.

Natural mosquito repellent methods

  • Let's try to list them, the most natural and harmless of all, leaving you the choice whether to put them into practice one at a time or in combination. Some tips are about home, others about body protection.
  • Apply mosquito nets to windows and doors. It sounds trivial, but this is the best way to keep mosquitoes out of the house. A mosquito net on the bed can also be of great use.
  • The use of essential oils such as those mentioned above has an excellent repellent effect and can replace the classic anti-mosquito sprays for the skin. With the scented oils you can also prepare excellent body creams, whose action will be added to that of the spray.
  • Even pure vinegar, spread on the skin, has an excellent effect chase away mosquitoes.
  • To keep mosquitoes away from the bed, you can place a bag of lavender or a glass of vinegar on the bedside table. For the other rooms you can put half an onion skewered with cloves on a saucer.
  • In electric stoves, instead of the chemical plates, you can use pieces of orange peel or lemon.
  • Remember that mosquitoes do not like white and pastel yellow, keep this in mind when choosing your dress on evenings outdoors in areas at risk.

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