Very small dogs, almost portable

Very small dogs, almost portable

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Tiny dogs, there are many, they almost compete with each other to become handbag accessories. Of course they are perfect for travel, often by plane many companies leave them by our side, if they are shorter than 60 cm, in a cage on purpose that lets them move but without exceeding the canonical 70x30x50. Centimeters of course. Then there are the small dogs, not very small, but comfortable in houses with limited size, and they are the classics small domestic dogs, another category.

The tiniest breed of very small dogs and the Chihuahua, one of the largest, always among the very small dogs, of course, is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, in the middle there is a universe of races of the most varied, in character and also in appearance. We will see examples, they all have in common the "portability" and the convenience of having them in an apartment, for example. For those living in a tiny studio apartment, they are perfect.

Very small dogs: character and care

We never assume that the very small dogs have a stubbornness equal to their size, indeed. Most of the time they compensate the size with a temper that does not go unnoticed at all. Of course, the character does not depend very much on the type of breed, there is no one ever more trainable than another, but one can, on the nose, think that among the very small dogs a Jack Russell is more stubborn than a Poodle.

Let us not delude ourselves and do not treat the very small dogs therefore like a cute soft toy, tender to cuddle: they are irresistible, yes, and also sweet and for company but it is necessary to know how to take them. I recommend getting very well informed about the psychology of very small dogs before taking one just for its aesthetics, often curious, funny and effective. Whether or not they are larger or smaller canines, i very small dogs they often make themselves felt more than they should, while with us humans they are friendly, with children they are perfect, being careful that they are not involuntarily crushed.

Tiny dogs: Welsh Corgi

A famous very small dog, a very famous very small dog, is the dog of the Queen of England: the Welsh Corgi, very popular both in England and abroad. The fact that it is the queen's favorite doesn't change the fact that it has country origins. It is a "rustic" dog, of Welsh origin, from work, with herding origins.

Cousin of the ancestors of the German Terrier and the Dachshund, the Welsh Corgi he guarded the encampments, protected women and children, watched over the precious flocks and acted as da "alarm" at the slightest suspicious noise. Even if it comes from out of town between very small dogs, he is one of the most citizens, if they see many and very at ease. Maybe he has a frank and upright nature, a balanced character, between the placid and the cuddly.

It is the ideal companion for calm and sociable people, it is also kind to other dogs, tends to be heard but not too aggressively, because it is very intelligent and obedient.

Tiny Dogs: West Highland White Terrier

Dark origins like all Scottish terriers, these very small dogs they're white, hiding a rough career small rodent hunters. Who would say now that the West Highland White Terrier he shows himself to be a great gentleman, even in his small size.

If the size does not allow him to impose himself physically, he does so with his fiery character, a mix of determination and courage that requires a master to the height. Between very small dogs this one is active and a bit of a fool, he combines all sorts of things at home, he plays with everything but doesn't want you to play with him. He has a lot of dignity and wants to be taken seriously, remaining independent and enjoying frequent outings and long walks in the countryside.

Tiny dogs:Dachshund

Immediately looking at these very small dogs you can see how they are designed almost on purpose for hunting underground. The Dachshund it then descends from pack dogs and offers 27 varieties, three weight categories, three types of hair, three color ranges. In general, the normal Dachshund is better suited to the hunter, the longhaired Dachshund is more of a companion dog.

Like so many very small dogs this too is a good companion with a real personality: keen and willing but also exhibitionist and stubborn, curious as hell, lively to the point of driving us crazy, as a child. Then it gets better, but with a Dachshund you never get bored.

Tiny dogs: Yorkshire Terrier

Between very small dogs the Yorkshire Terrier it is certainly the most "modern" and even "fashionable" even if it is a breed created over a century ago. He too used to roam in the fields and hunted but this does not mean that he is beautiful, as well as courageous, docile and faithful. These very small dogs they were always and only companions of hunters, initially, but then they passed into the hands of bourgeois who elected them the top among the very small top dogs.

Suitable for even the most stuffy apartments, these very small dogs they love the outdoors and take a long walk without ever getting tired. Of his peasant origins he has the cunning left: he immediately understands our weaknesses and does not fail to exploit them to the maximum, therefore he needs a firm education. If so, it's a great companion for lonely or elderly people.

Tiny dogs: Shih Tzu

In Chinese Shih Tzu means "lion dog ": Shih Tzus are tiny oriental dogs, they were sacred in the palaces of China and have had some good times. This breed resembles the lion for its appearance, the cat for independence and the monkey for its funny behavior: an irresistible mix, it appears pretentious and too proud but in truth it is only frank and playful.

Who loves i very small dogs often asks for a constant and warm presence and it Shih Tzu he offers it, always available, with his cheerful wagging of his tail. He is affectionate with the owner of the family, he often occupies the bed snoring, but with whom he is unknown he is not very polite and shows it well, not at all hypocritical.

Tiny dogs: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If for the smallest dog of the very small dogs we have already said a lot, for the largest of the category we can spend a few words. He is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is lively sporty and cheerful, rather “explosive”. Physically it appears as well balanced in form.

These very small dogs they have long hair, similar to silk, with many fringes and of various colors. Those accepted are black and white, deep red, with brown spots on a pure white background or even tricolor. The weight of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel according to the breed standard it must range from 5.5 to 8.2 K.

Others very small dogs are for example the Maltese, the Boston Terrier that he is Bulldog + Terrier, the "famous" Pug, the Volpino di Pomerania from Poland, lo Schnauzer German and the Poodle French.

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