Bed bugs, natural remedies to get rid of them

In the house in the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains, the annoying encounter with the women can happen bed bugs. It is normal since this reddish brown insect lives almost everywhere, populating the nests of birds on the roofs of buildings, from where it moves into the inhabited areas of man. For the man the bed bugs they have a strong predilection, but don't panic: with cleaning and some precautions you can drive them away.

Most of the time it happens that we ourselves invite the unwanted guest into the house. The bed bugs in fact they do not fly, not having wings, but are passively carried in clothes, luggage, used furniture, books or any other object they have used as a hiding place (be careful when returning from vacation!). Once inside the house, bedbugs hide during the day in cracks, crevices, behind the wallpaper and… in the bed. Then at night they go into action sucking blood from their victims.

Bed bugs: how they recognize each other

The bite of the bed bugs (not to be confused with green bedbugs) can cause the victim to have allergic skin reactions, usually manifesting as a hard, whitish gong, and sleepless nights. Other clear signs of bedbugs are black or brown spots of their droppings on bed sheets or furniture, eggs, egg shells, dry skin residues after moulting, and a persistent unpleasant odor.

Bed bugs: methods to get rid of them

We want to minimize the use of pesticides at home. And we know that in the case of serious infestations to be faced with the 'chemical fight' it is better to rely on professional treatment, which will be performed with caution as the substances used are normally toxic. Having said that, let's see the natural methods and ready-to-use tips to get rid of them bed bugs if you find them on vacation.

  • First the mechanical methods: a thorough cleaning of the area must be done with a vacuum cleaner, paying attention to loose wallpaper (to be fixed or eliminated), cracks and fissures in the walls (which must be plastered).
  • A traditional remedy to protect the bed is to put soap flakes under the mattress and grease the legs and frame with petroleum jelly to prevent bedbugs from climbing.
  • To eliminate adult insects from the laundry, the sheets can be washed at high temperatures, while blankets and pillows can be placed for a few hours in a plastic bag in the freezer.
  • Do not rely on home steam cleaning of the mattress with the steamers you usually use. This treatment is not sufficient to kill bedbugs and on the other hand promotes the proliferation of mites, which instead love humidity. The only effective steam treatment is that with superheated dry steam using the appropriate device (there is a domestic version of Polti).

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