Dandelion, where to buy it

Dandelion, where to buy it: in this article we will see where to buy dandelion in the form of seeds, plants or extracts to prepare herbal teas. Properties and uses of dandelion.

Dandelion, property

Theproperties of the Dandelionthey are due to the interesting bioactive substances (active ingredients) contained in the plant cells of this spontaneous plant. extracted them fromdandelionthey are very common, used as natural remedies against dermatosis, constipation, hemorrhoids, flatulence, gout, cellulite, water retention, edema, poor digestion, mild hyperglycaemia, gallstones, high cholesterol ...

Among the nutritional properties we highlight the high intake of vitamins given by the dandelion leaves. All information: the properties of the Dandelion.

How to grow dandelions

To make the most of theproperties of dandelionor for its uses in the kitchen, it is possible to harvest it on the edge of uncultivated fields (dandelions grow very easily) or start a small home cultivation. As is clear from the photo above, the dandelion grows everywhere and is extremely resistant so it is easy to find in uncultivated and sunny areas and it is just as simple to grow.

Dandelion, where to buy it
A sachet of dandelion seeds is offered on Amazon at a price of 1.60 euros with the addition of about 2.90 euros in shipping costs. Dandelion seeds can be bought with a total cost of 4.56 euros, including shipping costs.

How to use dandelion in cooking

On the page titledDandelion, uses in cooking, we have described to youhow to cook dandelion with simple indications that see the dandelion leaves used sautéed, added in omelettes, in soups and minestrone, in flans ... We have also proposed therecipegodspickled dandelion buds.

For other recipes based on dandelion, like the dandelion meatballs, marmalade and jams, I refer you to the articlehow to cook dandelion and dandelion jam.

Purifying herbal tea based on Dandelion

Thanks to the high content of potassium salts, the dandelion it has high diuretic properties: for the preparation it is enough to infuse a dozen leaves in 1 liter of hot water for about 20 minutes and strain. The infusion should be taken hot and in small doses, 3-4 cups throughout the day.

Dandelion, where to buy it
As an alternative to the do-it-yourself infusion, you can purchase ready-to-use herbal teas such as the Bonomelli Depurative Herbal Tea based on dandelion extract, nettle, milk thistle and turmeric. A pack of 16 filters costs € 2.23. It is recommended to consume 2 cups of herbal tea a day at any time of the day. It is prepared like the classic tea: pour boiling water into a cup containing the filter and leave to infuse for 4 - 5 minutes. The herbal tea combines the diuretic properties of dandelion with the special taste of turmeric, nettle and milk thistle, plants famous for their purifying properties.

Dandelion and other edible wild plants

To learn to recognize thespontaneous plantsedibles we invite you to read up on an illustrated guide that will provide you with all the information on recognition, properties and uses in the kitchen. A great text, easy to use and accessible, is represented by thePractical Guide to Life in the CountrysideentitledRecognize and cook good herbs.

The guide in question is full of photos, details for recognizing spontaneous edible plants, and a paragraph full of recipes for use in the kitchen. The guide is offered on Amazon at a price of 8.42 euros with free shipping costs.

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